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As some of you know I started the Memphis Unicycle Club about three years ago now. This year I started teaching at a suburban, private school and the administration has asked me to start a unicycle club for our extended school community (4th through 12th grade). Also, to jump start interest I am teaching two weeks of one-week summer uni-camps.

Now the punch line: I need somebody that has a lot more artistic and/or technical expertice with Photoshop than me to help me with a club logo. The school’s mascot is a gryphon (you know, an animal that has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle). Any ideas?


ask kayote he reaaaaaaaaallllllly good

AS A uni / sign guy, here is what I think.

If you are going to have a logo designed for stickers, please make sure that the designer does the rendering in EPS,AI,CDL or FS. All of these will help you in the logo/ sticker/ print/ t-shirt areas. If you are designing a logo in photoshop, please keep the resolution very high.

Stickers for cars should be done single color (white is great)

remember, a great photoshop logo will look great on websites, but multi-color stickers and t-shirts are very expensive in small orders.


In other words, to add onto what steveOwe said, it is best to do the artwork in a vector graphics program, so your design will scale without loss of detail to any size.

BTW, there’s still nothing wrong with drawing things the old fashioned way on paper, and then getting someone to convert the finished art to a digital format. :slight_smile:

Got to do that myself sometime, with my own logo. New text treatment, followed by a vector version of it, followed by business cards, followed by a complete redesign of my web site… I’m tired already.

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Say it isn’t so. What about us? Your first club. This isn’t going to be like a John Ford thing is it?:frowning:

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Don’t you Know a Capable Cartoonist?

Hey MUCRider, it is not an either-or thing but rather a more-and-more thing. I’m planning on getting paid to teach unicycling DURING THE DAY!!! You know my heart is in Midtown with the MUCsters. I’m just sort of freelancing, hoping to raise some interest AND money.


Geez, Tommy- What’d I do to tick you off?

Even folks in Canada thought to call me, and you didn’t. I live, what, ten blocks away?

And I owe you a favor on the seatpost thing back during the Duathlon, anyhow.

Come by the house, We’ll knock out a gryphon logo. Vector or Photoshop, whichever you really need.


There is a photograph floating around that rhysling put onto 1000 temporary tatoos and John Foss made into T-shirts. You might want to consider that. Who cares what the mascot is?

Great one, Greg! I can see it now. Here I set, in the most conservative part of the country in THE MOST conservative community of prim ad proper suburbanites and I post as our logo a super-sexy, cross-dressing Dr. Harper! Sure, man, they’d LOVE me! Can I at least wait until I’m ready to leave the South?

and Greg’s suggested design’s got the ‘hair of a lion and body of an eagle’ thing going for it allready

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Tommy - congrats on the fruition of your efforts growing into getting paid to do your uni promotion and skills. I look forward to hearing about your successes in this program.

About that Dr Harper photo… I think it’ll scare the youngsters, a cartoon or logo might be better. Sorry Harper, but you should have known what that photo would do to your life when you posed for it.


i doubt if he did actually pose for it
i think the unicycle was dying of cancer and he just wanted it to feel better so he plied himself with alcohol untill he felt like lying on a picnic table and just hold it for awhile…

Maybe if you include the wings, folks will think it’s a depiction of an angel.


This has certainly been a fun thread, but not necessarily helpful to Tommy. Tommy, I was imagining in my head what a gryphon riding a uni might look like as a cartoon. Might be fun to have your local cartoonist play with that. as stated above, keep it simple enough for a single color printing to save on t-shirts and other printed items.


How 'bout putting that thing on a uni and then use a logo something along the lines of:

Too heavy to fly, too lazy to walk

It’s a Private School in the Suburbs… I don’t think Money is much of an issue. Heck, they are paying him to teach a uni camp! It’s amazing where life takes you when you are passionate about something.

Ahhh, blessed I am - to have such passion about something so screwy and to get paid for it!



mmm, i thought that was the fun part…

since the Gryphon looks a bit dragon-like, why not turn the whole thing around and have a Quixotic character on a uni ride, lance in hand, riding at a fire-breathing Gryphon?

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On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 10:30:19 -0600, “yoopers” wrote:

>Maybe if you include the wings, folks will think it’s a depiction of an

LOL. Unicycling in Heaven?

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