New Club in Kalamazoo, MI

Today I got my unicycle club officially approved and incorporated by my school, kalamazoo college. We have 3 good riders and about 10 others who are just beggining. Are there any other riders in the vacinity? Any one with tips on club starting and recruting? I don’t have any other reason for this post, just exited to get things going.

When I’m at school I live in Kalamazoo. I just completed my first year of WMU. I thought I was the only rider in the whole city!! Does anyone ride trials? If they do, and are good, I’ll have people to ride campus with next fall.


my msn’s luc _ e _ uni (at) hotmail (dot) com --If you can piece that together okay–

I’m from Three Rivers, and know live in South Bend let me know when you guys meet or do stuff and if I’m not busy or working let me know, You can contact me at home 574-273-9809. I want to start a club down here but I have to find people first. I would join! Contact info would be cool.

Hey there,

I’m posting because I grew up in K-zoo and lived a couple blocks from K-College (Henderson Dr…bottom of Monroe St. hill). I learned uni and rode there back before you were born (or thereabouts). Hooking up with somebody who’s interested in starting a club (here on the forum, for example) is a good bet. Recruiting might be difficult for peer-aged people…would K-college allow kids from the neighborhood to join in? We started a club (still un-official) here in SW PA and it’s thriving in a large part due to the diverse age groups that make it up. We’ve got young kids (and their parents), lots of really fired-up high school kids who like to hang out, and a couple of guys my age (youthful 40’s) who have rediscovered the uni after a long hiatus. We had an initial flyer offering up unicycle lessons which got a good turnout because we had the use of a church gym. Then word spread and now we average between 15 and 25 riders every Tuesday night. It’s great because there’s something for every ability level to do. Last night we had a group of people taking stabs at a high-jump bar, some kids doing laps around a hilly church lot, some beginners breaking out their biggest rides to date and some crazy old oafs (I include myself in this) doing 2ft drops riding a Schwinn just to bend the cranks and use it as an excuse to get a new uni. Good luck…I hope you end up having as much fun as we are here! Keep posting…when I come visit my Mom, I’ll look you up. :smiley:

I’m near lansing and wouldnt mind coming down now and then for the club. I’m still and highschool, and still just learning. Its fun and i’d love to have support form a local club!

Hey every one here is some information:
We give lessons every saturday from 1-3. These will stop after about june 5. We now have four people who can ride and 6 cycles. Besides lessons, we just screw around in our gym, doing freestyle and basketball. We’re trying to get more uni’s so we can do other stuff. I’ll keep yall posted.