New clear inner tube

Has anyone seen this new inner tube? It was in my 36 after coming back from servicing. This one lasted 45 minutes before puncturing.

I have put a 29 inch tube back in, which I find works really well.

that is really cool. why is it clear?

It isn’t clear why it is.

That thing’s nuclear?!! :astonished: Oh… “new clear”. :o

Is it April 1st again?

My questions are: How much does it weigh? Why did it puncture? Can it be patched?

Maybe you got a prototype of a new 36er tube?

Actually Roger told me about it a couple of days ago. He also showed up at the Düsseldorf marathon with a new 36er rim. It’s supposed to be out very soon.

It’s lighter than a regular tube, because there’s no color to weigh it down. And if it had color, this thread would have to go in RSU.

They cleverly made the stem black – in case you set the tube down and forget where you put it. They also have a blurry tube. It’s like looking at it with your glasses off.

I am interested too why did it puncture? Punctures are not normally caused by tubes themselves, but by something sharp in the tire or rim, or the tire coming off the rim, or the valve being set on an angle. 45 mins is not long for a tube to last.

The air couldn’t see where to go. It got confused.

This still looks like a joke to me. Am I getting my leg pulled?

I’m hoping they come out with a totally clear unicycle, too. People will look at me and think I’m somehow floating along above the ground holding my crotch.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Now, look at all the adds in his sig. I doubt there is genuine interest.

Oh, and up to ,Nice sharing his post is an improperly quoted citation.

I bet he just copied the text of a random post and added his spam thing.

I didn’t realise it was out already. Roger used one at The Monguni Unicycle Tour.

It was super-uber-lightweight…can’t wait to try one.

how much will they be?

Instead of now, where they just wonder about the crotch part. :wink:

LOL, yes. I will never get over feeling embarrassed about what holding the seat looks like. Sometimes I let go of the handle if people are watching.

Am I allowed to say depends who’s watching :smiley:

What is the point of it? is it just for looks?

Holding the handle? I hold the handle to keep in straighter line, I also think it looks better than flailing my arms around. The only time I’m not holding the handle is when I’m doing a super sharp right turn. (My free hand is on the left)