New Circus Website!

To all who may be interested,

I have just started a new website called Circus Street. It has only
been online for twenty-two days, and already many people have been on
it. Anyways, Circus Street includes forums, chatrooms, a wiki (which
consists of tutorials and articles written and edited by users), a
links directory, image galleries, quizzes, a newsletter, and much more
to come. It also has a wiki section purely for unicyclists (if you act
quickly, you can be the first to write an article there). You can check
it out at:

P.S. More features specialized towards unicyclists will come soon (ex.
Chatroom specifically for unicyclists, a forum specifically for

The unicyclist community has been done. You arent gonna get bigger than this.


True Mike, but very few people on here are actually professional performers (yeah i know there are a few) and this could possibly provide a place for people who are actually trying to earn a living out of unicycling to chat and possibly do business, without all the other stuff in RSU that would be entirely irrelevant to them.