new challange

forgive me, i have been drinking.

i need a new challenge. I unicycled down mt fuji! what should be next? i need ideas! challenege me!

I need something totlay out there. If I had unlimited resources, what should i ride down next? give it to me!


your mom

Ride your uni out of a plane and do like a sickass skydive with it. You know all sorts of spins and crankflips, all the stuff you wish you could do without gravity telling you “NO!”.


Try… Going down Mt Fuji… AGAIN!! :smiley:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm… I dunno :frowning:

do it backwards this time

Up Mt Fuji?


say what?

I agree with this comment.

no bout this MR JAMES POTTER

It would be sweet if somebody did this, and acually landed it!


oh i thought you agreed with me about what your own comment ment :roll_eyes:

Ride down w/o using the road (i.e. take that knarly trail down.)

I didn’t get it at first either.

Sidehop up 36" and give me a vid.

Anyone who can sidehop 36"+ deserves my respect.