New CF frame!

well, not really. Just some 3D models I made because it has been really rainy lately so I couldn’t ride. So far I’ve made a CF trial frame, alu isis cranks and a seatpost clamp.

Wow, that’s a beautiful rendering! If you had not said otherwise, I would have believed it was already made.

wana make it in a 26?

What program did you use?

Yeah I’m curious too.

I’m curious too. What program?

Have you deposited anything in one of the 3D libraries like Grabcad?

Maybe a library and common format could be figured out where we could put components for group use.

Thanks a lot for the replies :slight_smile:
I made it in Cinema 4D. I don’t do much modelling stuff, but I thought it would be fun to create a unicycle. In the future I might make the missing components like the wheel and so.
and Doug I have never heard of grabcad, might check it out.

lol I’d buy it. Looks much better that chubby Karbon Koncept thing from Koxx

well, the funny thing is that I made the actual frame in like 15 minutes or so. then the bearing houses took really long time to make, and they are not even done yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks are one thing.

Broken frames and seatposts are another.

There’s a reason that all-CF frames have girth…