new car traveling issues

My mom got a 05 4runner sport and we are going up to Cleveland OH this winter
and i want to take my MUni and trials to go ride at Rays. but we will have the hatch full of our stuff and we cant put them on the roof because its lifted and wont fit in garage or aunts bridge. so i am deciding between a hitch mount rack that holds the wheels or a top tube one. dont want to spend alot. will most likley have a n26 or a Oregon and a trials

What I did when I had a hitch mount for the back of my 4Runner for my trip out east was clamp a bike stem to the seatpost of my Muni, then clamp the bike rack onto the bike stem, the frame near the crown for the trials and the handle boom on the 36. It worked quite well but I also put a cable through the wheels and looped around the rack incase anything let go (which it didn’t).

You can get cheep stems from bike shops if you ask for used pieces off junker bikes.

A wheel holder might be better, but the only unicycles I have ever seen on a rack were my own.