New Canadian Unicyclist

What’s your name?
Sébastien, but I’m known as Xyloph online usually.

Where do you come from?
I’m near Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What is your experience of unicycling?
I started last January. We just got a EUC and me and my girlfriend wanted to try “the real thing”, so we bought a unicycle from eBay (20") to learn on. It took me a while to learn to ride as I practiced a bit every lunch break, but in poor conditions (snow, ice, on an incline).

I finally got the hang of riding forward, turning and free-mounting a few weeks ago. That’s when I decided to get a bigger wheel, which landed me on a QU-AX 27.5 Muni (not RGB). I’m still very much a beginner though, and I’ve yet to master idling or hopping.

Also, if anyone here is on the Monotréal FB group, seems the admins are no longer letting people in? I did a join request a while ago and it’s been pending forever.

Have a good day everyone!


Welcome! I started unicycling 1.5 years ago, started with a cheap 24’’ and then like you moved on to a 27.5’’ muni.

Be careful, this gets addictive, if you’re like me you’ll always want another wheel size until you have them all. :wink:

(but then I’m the same with bicycles and getting multiple unicycles is a lot cheaper… :yum:)

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That’s what got me into it too. I got a Solowheel Glide 3 first, and got hooked on one-wheeled riding, then decided to get a Club 24 in from UDC. I am still learning, it’s much harder than the EUC (I still can’t freemount yet!), but I am hooked.


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Welcome to the forum, Xyloph! You’re the first Unicycle Discordian I’ve seen in these parts :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: glad to be there!

When did you get started unicycling? I agree 100% that the unicycle is harder :smiley: but I think learning the unicycle first helps a lot. I hopped on my EUC recently for the first time outside and I could ride it right away. I only learned getting on it indoors first. Also, once you learn to freemount a unicycle, the world opens up so much :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll get it soon!

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Thanks, yeah I think I am close. I first started riding away from the wall about 1 year ago. My biggest problem is having very little time to practice, maybe 5-10 mins a week or so.
When I have a small window what that usually looks like is I make a distance run until my legs and lungs give out, and then either be done or take a break and maybe do it one more time, then my legs are shot for a while.
My distance is improving at least, I make about 2 300-400 yard runs now (on a slightly hilly road) vs maybe 50 in the beginning. The long walks back are getting old though, LOL, I need to get free mounting down!

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I get you! I can ride until my legs decide to quit, and that happens pretty quick as I’m in a terrible shape. It’s improving quite fast though, max I did was 4 minutes continuously. Maybe if you turn in circle you don’t have to walk back to your mounting aid :slight_smile:

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@Xyloph @Blueblade that doesn’t have much to do with the shape you’re in, but with the way in which you are riding. Try putting more weight in the saddle rather than simply standing on the pedals - it may feel a bit weird at first, but that’s what’ll allow you to ride for a couple hours on end.


Welcome to the club! Unicycling is hard to learn, but it’s so much fun. Looks like you already got the unicycling vaccine anyways :slight_smile:

Gatineau ici! On se verra bien quelque temps cet été! Je regarde la situation Monotréal, c’est bizarre que ya aucun admin actif :confused:

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