New Canadian KH Team Rider

hahaha wow, confusing… either way they are both sick riders and i know we can all agree on that!

Woah woah, according to all the sponsorship threads, I though being sponsored was a job? lol

Great job. I cant wait to see what you start to put out.

I’m considering this when I get my muni…

Would you hate/not allow it Justin?

i enourage it :sunglasses:

This is making me want to get a 24".

Fast and techy at the same time:)

Word on the street is that mr.heaton may be riding the 24 aswell…

I’m just not that tech of a rider, and I miss muni and going big! It would be great to see some more 24 street though…

Again, as I said on the email: Congratulations Justin, you deserves that after all those years riding :smiley:

And to clear: I believe Ryan left before. He left the team on the begining of the past year, leaving a place for Kelly! (Remember? Kris posted that he was retiring and Kelly joining!). I believe he’s riding MTB…

Kevin left in the end of the year, and Kris announced when the 2009 was introduced!

Thats what I said :wink:

Cross Country… And congrats Justin!

yeah its cross country, im sure he still rides in his off time though. i dont see how he couldnt!

Congrats, eh? It’s pretty frickin’ awesome to have an islander on the team. As to the 24", Im a fan, your old stuff is excellent, and personally, the first (and only) time I cleared a six set was on a 24" they’re just a goode time.

a “goode” time eh?

Damn Straight.