New Canadian KH Team Rider


I’m happy to say that Justin Kohse has joined the KH team.

It is really cool to have a Canadian rider again, and Justin brings his own unique style and personality to the team rider roster. Justin also has solid skills in graphics, web work, and videography, blogs on the UDC CA site, and has a degree in film. That’s a pretty good combination for a team rider IMO.

A big thanks goes to Pete at (UDC CA) for stepping up and co-sponsoring Justin. UDC CA covers the costs to import & deliver KH product from its manufacturing source to the rider, which is a not insignificant cost. Thanks Pete!

Justin’s page will be up at in a few days.


Wow cool!

Congrats Justin!

Saweeet. Great news.

Way to represent the Canadian Unicycle community.

Keep up the great work Justin.


Congrats Justin!

Gongrats Justin!

putting in work…nice.

Hey Guys,

thanks for the congrats! im really stoked on having not one, but two really awesome sponsors and people to work and ride with. A big shout out for Pete over at for letting me know that there was not a single Canadian on the KHU team, i probably would have just gone on in life assuming!

And thanks to Kris for all these years of awesome KH products that have helped put unicycling where it is today, im just glad that i can be apart of some of the testing and promoting of present and future products. Im just really stoked to be included in on an already amazing group of riders.

Just to let everyone know, the 24" street is coming back and i’ll be bringing her to the trails, now that im done school i got nothing but time!

thanks again guys,

Congrats Justin! Really love your style and videos, glad to see you representing Kris Holm.

That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear. Congratulations.

Shouldn’t you be getting a job or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you made it on the KHU Team. Hope to see more great videos from you!

thats the plan, but im not in full time school anymore so i actually have time to ride and have a life, haha. You know how college is:P

Shot Kozey, this is awesome :sunglasses:

Wait, so there is now still only one Canadian KH rider?.. where do I apply for my green card? haha :wink:

24" street = awesome

can’t wait for some videos:)

And Kevin…

Hey, congratulations Justin! I’m looking forward to some more 24" videos of yours.

Hmmm, actually I am half Canadian too, does that count? The other half is German. So if I joined the KH team, there would be some Germadian representation too. How about that? The team would be multinational even if I was the only member. Wouldn’t that be very economical in times of the financial crisis?

The only problem is that I am pretty bad at anything else than muni and long distance (unicycling - wise). But at least I can do a little hopping up and down smallish things, 1ft, ww, 1ftww and almost gliding on my KH24.:slight_smile:

I don’t think so, Ryan left before Kevin (according to me)

I think Kevin was still officially on the team last yer, but Ryan was not…?