New Camera Test

I was just testing my new camera.
The camera stutters a bit, but that is not so a big problem.
First time I did the editing by myself.
Music is Music is my life by Don Diablo.
Enjoy and please leave a comment. :roll_eyes:

The Video

I also had some problems with editing so 0:30 to 0:33 would be out the video

Nice video, Casper! I couldn’t see anything on your old videos but this camera looks good man :slight_smile:

Sweet !! Now it’s actually possible to see anything on your films xD

Nice riding, I really liked the doubleflip down the three set. Also the camera quality is a huge improvement.

HHahahaa you got clapassed XDDDDD nice tricks though^^

Thanks for the comments everyone!
It also was a test how to edit and I almost finished my sponsorship request.