New Camera, New pedals and new enthusiasim

well the enthusiasim is still to come but this week hopefully, :stuck_out_tongue: this is just a coming soon vid … SORRY full thing hopefully SOON!

Vimeo -

hey, its set to private I think.

Thats sweet that you got the camera!

should be fixed now. :slight_smile: the camera is awesome!

Nice pedals. And a few new tricks eh?

Lookin forward to it.

Hey, looks really good. If you want to get some better quality renders and exports (to show the full ability of your new cam) try using something other than wmm (if you are using it). I think some people reccomended Pinnacle studio or something. I can’t be much help otherwise (except by saying get a mac)

Yeah i was thinking of getting adobe premiere pro because wmm really is crappy!! and it also puts it down from 30fps to 25fps when you export from it! what a hunk of junk…i just need to find a cheap way to get some better editing software, any suggestions anyone?

i went out yesterday afternoon to film about 4 more things but then my cousin turned up early so only got one filmed! which was a bummer, also i have a nice hole in my ankle from hitting it on the cranks so i wont be filming “tricks” for a few days until that decides to heal a bit then maybe strap it or something. but hopefully monday for the full vid but it will be done in wmm unless by some miracle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im uploading the finshed product as we speak :slight_smile:

ok so the internet dropped out … starting the upload again :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so it finally uploaded!!!

Vimeo -


Nice smooth riding man.

Very smooth and enjoyable.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: