New camera, may progress video! :D

well yeah guys, i broke my old camera. But now i have a new one, a better one :smiley:

this documents my progress quite well, the sidehop is like 61cm, and it feels like i tuck loads but apparently i dont looking at the video :frowning: oh well, i’ll improve, also, that bail at the end really freaking hurt.
Also, can someone tell me why when i render the video its made smaller with the black frame around it? i dont like it.

Nice video!!! It looks like you had 61cm pretty easy I am sure you get higher. What is you high jump record with a pre hop?

I dont try with a prehop just yet, i want to get to 70cm static first to make my tuck technique awesome.

I did have 61cm pretty easy i think, my problem is more psychological, i dont have any spare thin bits of wood to put on the pallets to keep it stable, so i put things between the pallets, the more i put there, the less stable it gets and i get scared of it. Im really scared of breaking my leg again :roll_eyes:

Oh nice i see. Cant wait to see another video from you:D

Well done my friend! Especially I would like to learn 360 degrees drop from you. And about black frames… I had the same problem, I watched tutorials from youtube and videos solved my problmen like usually xD

If you use example windows movie maker; try these keywords: “windows movie maker hd video settings youtube”

So you have to change some video settings with your video editor, I think that video is best teacher. It shouldnt be so difficult.:slight_smile:

ALI ALI ALI! i got 46cm static but now im stuck completely :frowning:

thankyou sir antelli!
ryan, i got stuck there for a few days, just keep working at it! is that static or prehopped?
oh, and the 360 degree drop is easy, just keep trying it, work on your 360 hops on the floor too! im not very good a this trick though