New Cafepress Unicycle Products

Visit my new cafepress website and make sure to buy! :wink: All of the products (so far) are original to me, so please don’t steal or try to claim them as yours. Remember, all of my prices are as low as you can set them and I will get no profit out of this! Please take a look at! Don’t forget to offer me designs to put on the website! I’ll definitely give you credit, but because I get no profit, neither will you. :frowning: I can’t wait to see how many sales I get from you guys. :slight_smile:




Feel free to buy it, just don’t post pictures… :astonished:

Any ideas or possible buyers?

Definitely the thong. I go through life with a thmile and a thong.


that word’s old skool

Good work, Uni-Spaz! I hope people like them and buy some of that stuff. I still enjoy my “Got MUni?” hat and stickers from CafePress.