New build for the new year; looking for advice

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.

I am currently running with a Nimbus MUni (steel) frame setup with a disc brake (the kit from UDC). I quite like it, but after going to S.T.O.M.P. and experiencing some aluminum frame/lighter cycles - I want to make some changes.

I was originally waiting for the 27.5 KH cycles to come back in stock at UDC, but am now second thinking that. They are clearly quality, but right off the bat I know I’d be changing out several parts, which never feels good. I don’t love the KH seats, and I’d want to add some sort of minimal handle. Probably would be swapping cranks, too. And there are no swaps allowed with anything KH during the sale.

I got to see in-person, but not actually try, a Mad4One cycle. I think I might want to get one for 2023. If you have any thoughts on this so far, I’d love to hear them.

Here is the cycle I have been tinkering with, and there are questions below each image:

I think I would do either a small or medium handle saddle.

This is a big question I have. I’m not sure of the difference here. Anyone know?

I read the descriptions for the pedals, and I think I can make a decent decision here - but one of the options claimed they were good for downhill MUni. I wonder what makes a pedal particularly good for downhill?

This is a bigger question. Any advice on which brake? I started looking into the individual options on their various websites, but I’m not really sure what would be best for me. I started with the most expensive one, but wasn’t immediately sold on what it offered or separated it from the other choices.

Final question - I can’t find any literature on the Handle Saddle seat width options - narrow or wide. Any thoughts or experience?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


The rim with holes has extra holes drilled into them for weight saving (used to be very common). I’d personally always go for a rim without holes, but if you want to save some weight, you could do it there. They are still pretty strong, I just don’t really like the drilled hole style on a muni (and with how I ride and the heavy tires I run, strength is more important than a bit of weight saving)

I’d go for the cheap standard pedals and buy some proper ones myself. Certainly avoid the mad carbon pro (seems like they are easy to break), the aluminum ones seem decent, but I haven’t looked into spare parts availability for them. (I like being able to get new bearings instead of throwing out a whole pedal). I think good grip, being strong and slim (helps with grip) would be the typical requirements for dh Muni

I’d lean towards a 4 piston xt, the saint doesn’t offer too much more over the xt IMO. M4100 I don’t love the lever on - they offer good stopping power etc. but adjustability and quick engagement with the servowave on higher end levers is a bit nicer. (Or get something else like a hope, but don’t forget to account for all the brackets and the disk when you price compare)

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Hey thanks so much for the notes. Great advice. Any thoughts on going for the large versus medium frame in general? I am learning that finding fat tires is kinda tricky. Maybe I should stick to the more common medium frame.

I personally have a tendency to rub the frame with my legs so I would go for the medium/slimmer frame, but it obviously makes riding with very wide tires impossible.

As for the handle saddle I have the M and that feels right for muni. It’s very stiff and gives great control. I think the S will be to short. I don’t know if the S even have space for mounting a brake lever without protruding dangerously in the front. For more cross country riding as I do I think the L version might even be preferable.
Also remember that the saddle/cushion part of a handle saddle is very short so the S model might have approx same length as a regular saddle with a plastic handle.
As for width of the saddle I guess there is no right or wrong. It depends on your body/sitbones. I have the wide version and the works well for me.
I think the mad4one brake mount (at least the initial version I got) felt like an afterthought so I have just mounted it directly on the handle next to my primary hand.
I have limited Shimano brake experience but if you mount it directly on the handle like me it’s important to select a model with a slim lever (or at least nothing protruding in the direction of your leg).
A few pics of my setup with the handle saddle M and a Magura MT4

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Incredibly helpful advice. Thank you for taking the time. I will 100% go with the medium handle length after your suggestion. I’m also going with the ‘wide’ cushion after speaking with the owner (?) of Mad4One.

One last note about the brake lever mounting. Not all levers can be seperated in a way so they can be mounted directly on the handle saddle as it is a closed loop you cannot slide the lever onto the end of the bar like a regular bike bar (hope it makes sense…)

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Yep I’m coming to know that. Thanks for the tip. I like your setup, but I’m kinda hoping to just have the medium handle with the middle mounting option.

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I have a Mad4One (ish) muni. I agree with recommendations to go with the medium handle saddle. I have a large which I never use, and a medium on my muni which is just right.

Agreed. Not sure if they’ve changed, but mine was a poorly adapted Nimbus under-saddle lever mount. It didn’t look great, but more importantly it put the lever way too far from the bar to actually use. Mine went straight in the bin.

Fortunately the bars are narrow enough that, even mounting the lever on one side, it’s still reachable with either hand.

Note that Shimano levers can only be mounted one way - the left lever on the left or the right on the right. Others such as Magura can be mounted on either side.

I have a large frame with a 27.5 x 3" tyre. It’s a bit wider than it needs to be, but works just fine.

I got the large frame because I didn’t really know what wheel I was going to end up with. I may still build a 29" wheel for it one day.

I don’t find the large frame gets in the way of my knees, although I’m running Spirit cranks which probably help a bit. That said, if you know you’re only going to use a “standard” 27.5 x 3" setup then the medium frame is probably a better fit.

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Thats awesome. Thanks for taking the time and sharing the pics.

I followed everyones advice (and even some private message advice) and placed the order. I’ll be sure to share pictures! Yay!