New brake location on T7

I wanted to relocate my brake lever on my 36er’s T7, but to fit it below the “T” wouldn’t work-until I found the lever, pictured below! I got a pair of them for just $15 at my LBS. I like this new location better for a couple of reasons.

I’m less apt to accidently squeeze the lever when going to grab the handle. I can now use the same length cable when I get the new coker handle, since that configuration uses the underside of the saddle for mounting the lever, instead of the bars. Oh, and I MUCH prefer this 36er to the new Big One I recently had…and sold! Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I think the new coker is a great uni, but I just prefer my Rockin’ Radial! :smiley:

soa~weetness i wish i had a cool ride liek that to attract all the ladies like terry does;) :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

How do you squeeze the lever in that position? It’s not anywhere close to your hands…

And I have to say, I’ve never accidentally grabbed the lever going for my handlebar. Is that a common problem?

Haha, no I haven’t actually engaged the lever, but have come close a couple times. I also wondered if the new, lower location would pose any access problems, but to my surprise, it works out great!

I only use the brake on rare ocassions, but when I want to use it, my hand seems to find it as naturally as if were mounted under the front of the saddle, as it is very close to that position. So, no problems. (I also really like the way it looks now a lot better than before lol!)

I did a similar thing but I opted for a long “old school” lever for more control.

Hope it works out for you, Terry! I really like to easily and automatically just extend my fingers from their resting positions to grab the brake and slow down at stop lights or hills. I’m sure that either position will be completely “automatable” so you don’t have to think about it to use it, and can use it well, but… I think that brake position would drive me nuts :o Although, that’s probably only because I’ve gotten so used to my handle where it is (on the right-hand handle of the T7, very conventional location)

Don’t you ride downhills, where you need the hand constantly on the brake to go fast?


I live in the mountains and I use my brake all the time for descending hills and slowing down, I never really thought of having it for “emergency” situations until when I had to use it fast yesterday on account of almost running over a very dense dog…

I ride mostly on flat, smooth beach bike paths that go for 24 miles each way, and so I rarely have a need for the brake. My hand is pretty big though, and I have long fingers that make it very easy to reach the brake.

This position is only temporary unitl I get my new coker touring handle, which will allow mounting the brake under the front of the seat, like on my MUni. The T7 single bar is in the way and won’t allow for mounting the lever under the saddle.

What are those brake levers called?

I got the idea to use friction shifters from someone else on the forum. Here’s my setup. The shifters work so much better for me then the traditional brake lever. On long descents, I just set the appropriate drag and pedal on without having to worry about keeping hand pressure on a lever. No more bump and throw.




I got the brake on the lower part. I have right between the two hole thingies. It works out great

Does that friction shifter accept the same cable as the brake lever, or do you need a different cable? And if I go to my LBS, would I ask specifically for a “friction shifter”, or is there another name for them?

It’s a different cable. Same gauge, just a different end. You LBS will know what a friction shifter (thumb shifter) is. You just want to make sure it’s friction, not indexed. They’re really inexpensive and you may be lucky enough to get your hands on a used one for a couple of dollars.

You’re looking for something like this.

Keep in mind there is a left and a right, so you’ll want to think about where this is going to be mounted and how you want the lever to rotate.

Hmmm I wonder if you could have both a friction shifter and a brake. I would find that combination very useful. I dont know if it is possible cable-wise though.

Friction shifters seem more useful to me for what I want out of my brake on my coker-

I was heading to my LBS tomorrow anyways-so I will definitally ask them if they have any-but the next question is, will they be able to set up a cable break set up on my uni? or will that have to be custom done?

Right now I have a maggie set up-the brake itself works fine! But I dont like it that much!

Last question, can you switch the friction tension with the friction shifter on the fly?


you can get devices to run two cables in to a single brake for just this reason