New book: Abenteurer Des 21. Jahrhunderts


I wrote a chapter for a new book (in German) that is now available, called Abenteurer Des 21. Jahrhunderts. It’s a book released on the 10th Anniversary of the European Outdoor Film Festival Tour. It features chapters from athletes who have had films in the festival over the past 10 years. Here’s a link to the publisher’s page:

It looks like a good book, if you can read German.
(my chapter was translated; I didn’t suddenly learn German…=))


Hi Kris,
I just watched the movie : impressive!!
I would like to know what you wrote about in that chapter!
I’m dutch and german isn’t a problem, so I’m very interested!!
Thanks for sharing!

Next year I’ll launch a new book (in English), called The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling. It contains photos, stories, and a complete instructional guide for mountain and trials unicycling. More on this later… (next year)

The chapter in this German book is a modified excerpt from the first chapter in my forthcoming book. It’s a story about how I got started, some background on mountain unicycling, and a story about a 7-day mountain bike stage race I completed (on my uni) in 2010.