New body armor technology

d3o, a Strain rate protective material

I would like to see a price on that. Still very cool.

If you have to ask…

That looks very cool! I wonder when/if they’ll be commercially available/affordable.

Silly Putty has the same type of properties.

but it’s not as comfortable to wear.

How do you kn . . . skip it, I don’t want to know! :astonished:

Corn Starch, too, but I have no idea what it’s like to wear…

looks like batman armor or something

Looks like they’ve finally got a non-Newtonian liquid to do something useful… I looked on the website for the d30 material, says there that there’s a football (soccer) goalkeeper equipment supplier using the material in gloves and shin pads, so at least here in the UK we might have a pad available with this material in it quite soon.


Looks like someone should send them a video and get sponsored.

Unicycling would be a good advertising avenue for them. Since unicycling is a good cross-training sport, protective gear developed for it could translate back in to other sports.

some’n tells me that material would be shredded off the back of your legs in no time! (until they can prevent pedal pins from tearing through)

i just found a company that is making flexible helmets using this stuff.

Those look very interesting.

In one section there’s a photo of a guy wearing one of their products, wielding a large chainsaw with one hand, with nothing covering his face and a hoodie for body protection, and no gloves. As the 661 label says, ‘this product is not intended to protect parts of the body which it does not cover’!

Also there’s silhouettes of various different sports, and one of them appears to be curling, how exactly does a serious curling head injury happen?

But I digress.

Of interest to unicyclist (who get bashed about a bit and have the money) is that SixSixOne are bringing out “Evo Knee & Elbow” pads. They will be available soon (mid Feb) and they incorporate this d3o material.


Amongst other things using d3o there is now a football* by Puma!

(*That’s real football, sometimes known as soccer :p)

Similar stuff has been developed for soliders in Iraq (when a bullet hits it it becomes ridige)

Time to sell out for a few dollars of those. I got the biggest brooze on the top of my knee right now, I cant wait for these to come out.

The old bones are getting brittle

Well I finally decided to grow a pair and try some single track on my oracle. I wish I could say I flew like the wind down the trail but I didn’t. It was more like John Denver’s song ”I rode when I could and walked when I should, Thank God I’m a country boy!". It was a humbling experience to say the least. I can’t wait to get back out there.:smiley:

I had a pretty nasty fall flat on my back. I am sore but not hurt. I don’t heal as quick as I once did. So my question is, does anyone know anything about or use any kind of upper body armor or protection? I found some on the internet but I hate to shell out the money without some idea of how it would work out. Below are a few I have found. They are kinda pricey but so is doctor bills and days off work.

The links you provided don’t provide any back protection if that’s what you’re worried about. Gloves and elbow pads are the best first upper body protection you can get if you don’t have them already. There are a lot of spine protectors out there. I have a Demon D3O Hyper Vest X which I never wear. When I’m doing something where I want extra shoulder and back protection I wear my Race Face Flank Core. It offers good protection and is more flexible and comfortable than hard shell protectors. It can get warm, however.

I wear Kris Holm leg armor, Triple Eight wrist guards and a helmet. I have a pair of hillbilly shorts but was not wearing them. I will be the next time.

I like the link you sent me, thanks. Back protection is what I want. I find most my UPD’s to the front I can catch myself. To the rear is completely in gravity’s control. :astonished:

A little extra sweating would not hurt my waistline at all.:slight_smile: I will stay out of the woods in the heat of the our KC summers. The mosquitos will carry you away!

I usually wear a water pack when riding Muni. You really don’t notice them so they don’t affect your balance much if any, plus you have water when you need it. But one of the unheralded advantages is the protection it affords when falling flat on your back. I’ve had this happen several times and the water pack absorbs most of the impact. It has saved me more than once.