New bloke


I’m new and want to get into unicycling but first I’ve got a few questions to ask.

It all started when my dad said “let’s build a unicycle.” We found some old forks and a 20inch wheel and set about it. It’s stopped for the minute but just while we are looking for bits.

Also I have seen some unicycles for sale on ebay and have tried bidding on a few but have been outbid at the last minute on most of them.

So anyway, would it be best to buy one first rather than learn on a built one because surely a bought one would be better set up. However, I do want to continue building one so if anyone has done this could they lease get in touch to try and help me out a bit.

You may find it better to learn on one bought because it could hold up better and would give you parts later. Ebay can be a good place to buy a unicycle some times but or a local bike shop is probably a better place to get one. Depending on how your own unicycle comes you out could learn on that one too. It all depends on how good the one you make comes out I guess and your personal preference. Good luck!

Thanks alot, that’s what I thought. The one we’re trying to make will probably be OK and will hold up alright but it was more the problems of geometry that I would be worried about and whether it would balance OK when trying to ride it. Is this true and do you get different angles and things on unicycles as you would on a bike.