New Black Widow On Udc!

Check out the new street cycle!!!


Are you kidding me… haha thats just two K1 uni names and put together. Whatever sells. That unil looks pretty nice tho. Frame is strange. I Love they looks of that rim. I will def be buying one of those for my 20 inch wheelset.

Cool, much better than the pink pantha.

if that had a splined hub and a longneck and if i had money id buy it

Hmm. Its interesting.

The description says long neck frame, but the one pictured isnt a long neck frame.

Also, is the hub ISIS? It doesnt look like it.

Oh yeah, when I looked at it I assumed it was ISIS because most of their stuff is now but it doesn’t say that in the description so I guess not.

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Ahaha. =p

Im also interested in the wheelset too.

The other hint is the “specially machined 40mm bearing caps”. The ISIS hub is 42mm.

…how is this a street cycle? It looks like a nice freestyle cycle with a fat rim.

It says right up front:

Hub: UDC 48 Hole wide

this unicycle is so retarded :slight_smile:

it is a non splined, 48 spoke, metal pedal street unicycle…

I dont really get what UDC is trying to do with these two new unis. This one would be sick if it were ISIS, it being cotterless kind of screws stuff up.

Seems a bit pricey for cotterless.

The rim’s 44 mm wide and double walled. Also available separately in 36 or 48 hole.

I think they should have built it up as a street uni w/ ISIS.
how wide is the Sun Double Wide?

Just about everyone feels that way.

disappointing i was hoping itd be like a black version of that PINK PANTHA UNI!

i ride with metal pedals too, but on a 20" hard tire I’d rather use plastics.

i am in love with that rim, that is a pisspoor excuse for a street unicycle though… alloy double walled wide 20" rim, I’ve been waiting for this :smiley:

You’d think that they’d know nobody in their right minds would buy them… :roll_eyes:

i bet you probably would have bought it a few months ago.

rim is sold seperate if you want to build a real street uni. compatible with 36 and 48 holed hubs, too.