New Bike/Unicycle Storage Idea

TritonBikes just posted this on Instagram. It’s a new product to hang your bike, and since you can hang it either horizontally as pictured, or vertically, you can also hang your unicycle! I might consider this when I move into a small studio this summer. The only downside I can see is that you have to drill into the wall.

What do you guys think?

Here is the website link:

Very clever!

Does it come in any other colors? :wink:

Yeah a whole bunch. And there are two other designs. This one seemed the most appropriate for unicycles.

Interesting company.

I was thinking up a design more along the lines of their ENDO product. This is comparable to what I see on the light rail trains that I take to work. It would hang the unicycle upside down (upright pendulum) allowing the seat to dangle. The only potential hitch… is that hook big enough to hang a 2.5 - 3.0 inch tire. Fat tires are always going to be a problem…

Good find @BWrightBack

You mean, will the tire fit in the Endo model? You could probably call and ask. Personally, I’d want to get the one pictures and have it angled vertically so that I could hand the unicycle by the neck. It says it’s made of a protective soft rubber I think.

You can use this one:

3.0 Duro fits fine. I have 4 of them hanging on my wall and 2 waiting to be mounted. Cheap and strong (bought mine on ebay for $10ea).

I mounted them a bit lower to be able hang uni seat up - because it is always bad idea to turn hydraulic brakes upside-down (if you not system-bleeding-maniac).

It is looks like this in my case:

Yeah…but those hooks aren’t PINK!!!

Just kidding…at my old job, we used those to hang our mountain bikes and they were a pain in the butt if you couldn’t get the hook out from between the spokes. Maybe hanging by the seat is easier, but is like to avoid those hooks for the rest of my life if I can help it.

You right for the MTBs - my wife can not use it (that is why her MTB is on the floor when I at work).
With unis quite another story - they are much liter and easier to use.

Here you have some other ideas :slight_smile:

I wonder if SHELFIE will work for unicycles?

This might work better and it is cheaper DIY shelf

I hang mine toward one side so they don’t stick out into the room.

That thing looks good. How is it named, whats the manufacturer?

Well you have to damit, the Tritons are available in pink.



Not trying to jack the thread or start an argument, but turning your brakes upside-down is not a bad idea. It doesn’t matter.

First one I bought was X-Tools from CRC and it works great for tires up to 2.35, then I went to eBay and searched “wall bike mount” and here we go - wide choice of similar mounts. I just bent it a bit to fit 3.0 duro (2.5 tire fits good as it is).

During hanging uni you can touch the wall. If it critical (in my case it is very very critical) - use tire cover as on my photos - easy to make and keeping walls clean :smiley:

Also I was looking at Gear Up Up-And-Away Hoist System but because of my celling setup (gypsum plasterboard over insulating material) I was not able to attach it.

Eric - looks like regular closet clothes hanger supplies you can get from most hardware stores.

You could always spray paint it, I’d think you’d rather have purple anyways.

Some time it is (agreed - not always). Especially when someone accidently push brake lever and artful air bubble from expansion tank goes to caliper. And sometimes it happens without pushing brake lever, just because of shaking during turning bike/uni.

Telling this because happened with me several times. If you was more lucky - perfect :slight_smile:

Eric, I don’t think these have a special name or brand. They are cheap. If you search on ebay for “bike wall hook” or on German ebay for “Fahrrad Wandhaken” you’ll find plenty of them.

Good call. Just bought a couple of packs of these from Zeil24 to get my wheels off the floor and create some space.

Very pleased with them although the fat Muni/Tail tyres only just fit in.



My local Lowes has some big “screw-hooks” that will handle the larger rim/tire. I screw them into the floor joists in the basement.

On a side note…any benefit or downside to hanging the uni upside down from the rim vs. right-side up from the seat post?

IMO the biggest risk is hitting the spokes when taking it in/ out for hanging by the wheel. If I had the option I’d hang by the seat (would put some small bit of stress to the post, theoretically reducing its life) or sit on the floor like MuniAddict.