New Big One from Uniproshop

Just picked up my new Coker from Jamey. It is extremely light and the New road tire is much faster and smoother than the regular tire. I do have a question for you experts out there. The back of my thighs hit the top of the V-brakes when I pedal. Coker has you put the brake in front. Is there a downside to flipping the whole uni around and putting the brake in back?

Looks cool! Where’d ya get that flame sticker? I assume you used you own cable/sheath to make it long enough to fit on the handlebar? But then since the brake is in the front, maybe the one that came with it was long enough? Anyway, I posted earlier today in another “coker arrived” thread, and here’s the post, which also touches on the brake issue:

<<Well, there’s a glob of overpspray on the frame-more like a big drip of dried paint…so I guess it’s not powdercoated as I had assumed. And the seatpost clamp diamteter is HUGE even though it’s supposed to be 25.4mm. My QR 25.4 mm from my radial doesn’t come close to fitting over the seat tube, even after spreading it out really far!

Also, the brake bosses on the big one seem to be brazed on backwards; at least IMO the brakes should be in the back not the front, as the pictured instructions indicate.

Plus that little seat tube slit is on the the opposite side of the bosses, so apparently the brakes are supposed to be in front. Weird. Also, when I checked the bearing holders, they were cranked down so tight, the wheel would barely turn! So I eased them off and it seems ok now.

So far I’m not overly enthused about things. And The way the brake is set up with the cable sheath being made only long enough to fit under the saddle-and it comes with a brake lever adapter that fits under the seat- I can’t use it with my T7 setup since it would be in the way of not allow room for the lever where it would go under the saddle.

So I guess I just have to wait for the coker touring bar to be available. I’d rather go without the brake right now than the T7. >>

I’m no expert, but I can’t see any problem with it. Just make sure you take the wheel out and turn it around, too (that is, make sure your left and right cranks are on the left and right). Otherwise, your pedals will loosen as you ride.

Is there anything on the frame itself that indicates the front/back? I’m assuming that the slot/gap in the seat tube faces the opposite way of the brake bosses. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Nice uni, by the way, Jim! It’s a beaut.

EDIT: Looks like Terry beat me to the punch.

Might I ask why you did not get the nightrider tire?

Yeah, I wanted the brake to be in the back, so I just have the seat tube slot facing the front. No biggie since the seat clamp still works in either direction.:slight_smile:

Btw, Thanks to Jamey and his new for taking my order and letting me pick it up at his house so I could save on shipping! Which, for a coker, isn’t cheap! :slight_smile:

Im wondering if there wasn’t a manufacturing error that got transposed into the present configuration. The v2 seems to have the brake mounts on the forward part of the frame. Possibly could have been the delay in release of the Big One along with the V2. A crafty engineering department might just have done a fine job here.:slight_smile:

On another note, is that a T-Rex head on the top of your handle?

Haha yeah, I gave that to Jim for his 50th b-day.:smiley: Honk it in good health James!

Terry, My paint is perfect, the wheel is straight and true. I am very impressed. As for the brake cable, $5 at a bike shop gets you a long one. Coker designed theirs for their mount.

It looks like the conseses is that the brake behind the frame is ok. I’ll flip things around and see how it works. Dang, I cut my cable so now I’ll have to swing by the shop!

And yes, this is my dino mojo that squeaks like a dog toy:

Yeah we discussed the whole new Coker Big One brake issue at:

I had the same problem as you and so I did flip the seat/seat clamp around and swapped the cranks left to right and right to left and it rides so much better now!

Damn! When I unpacked my coker yesterday, I mentioned to Jim that the tire was out of air; he said that sometimes they come that way. Well, when I got it home I pumped it up to 32psi, and this morning it was totally F L A T !! So far things are not going well at all. At this point I’ve decided to stay with my radial 36er, and put the big one in storage 'till I decide what to do with it.

In fact, Jamey if you read this, please save the box that it came in (I left it at your house) in case I decide to pack it back up and sell it, which I probably will.

Should have bought a N36 Terry


I never liked the N36 frame design, and I’ve always been very happy with my radial 36er. I just got caught up in the new coker big one madness and wanted to get one. Just disappointed in the outcome.

I’m sure Coker would send you a new tube, takes 5 minutes to change. Flip the frame around, brake problem solved. So is it just the paint drip left. You’ll have so many scratches or you’ll paint it so it won’t matter! I think you are giving up on it a little too fast.

brakes on backwards is probably because they modelled it on a bike front fork. Like everyone says, 5 minute job to turn the frame round, fit a brake cable.

Tube bust is something that just happens sometimes, get in touch with whoever sold you it and get a replacement tube, and while you’re waiting, take the tube out and fix the puncture, as long as it’s a fixable puncture it’s only a 15 minute job.


Terry, I did order extra tubes and have one you can have. Sorry about that. I’ll contact Coker and ask for a replacement and I think I’ll order some more road tires as well.

Jim, looking good! Didn’t take you long to put it all together and even add a flame sticker! How does it compare to the V2? Want to ride on Friday?

I had this problem with my n36 as well Terry. Use a 29.

I like that frame, but yes you should swap it around so the brake is in back. Glad you like the new tire - that is so excellent that there are now four tires. What’s the tread like? When you change the tube is there any chance you could take out the tire and weigh it?


The tread is like the TA tire (almost identical I think?). I should have weighed both road tires before they took them but didn’t have time…hopefully they can weigh them in the near future before they use them too much. John might not have his installed yet and might be able to weigh it? I hope to have pictures up soon.

BTW-uniproshop has a brand new “Big One” Coker in inventory and for sale. Let me know if anyone is interested. If you live in the LA/OC area, you would save a bunch on shipping!

Hey Jamey any word yet from coker as to when their touring bar will be available?