New-Be's Tutorial Thread

Yep Indeedy, We’re all fed up of the tipical newbe posts, how do i do this, how to do that? I think to we as the community we should help the newbies so lets pick one trick each film our selves doing it and talking about how we do it,in newbe terms.

such things as.

Tricks eg spins, crank flips

And maybe if this thread catches on maybe Sir Gilby can put a stickie on it, So all newbies can find it without searching, Coz how many newbies use the search engin? :thinking:

I dont think crankflips or coasting should be included in a newbie tutorial. Those are more advanced tricks. Maybe 1 foot riding, seat in front and seat in back.

i agree, but we mite as well include everything. you know like the tutorial of all tricks… if possible

Tammy and Tonya Marsh’s Unicycling page

Klaas Bil’s tips for beginners

To many other entry level sites to mention. That quirky and annoying search function barfs up all kinds of information. I HATE that thing. It’s SO hard to use. I’m like Barbie…“math is HARD!!”

We should make them use the seach button. Some people come here and demand help and refuse to look at what has been said in other threads. I don’t know about anyone else here but after the third or forth time of typing the exact same thing it gets really annoying. Then people get mad when you give them a search link.

Please use the search facility, there was another thread like this just today.