New beginner at Unicycling on the page.

Hello everyone.

My name is Alex, and i am 20 years old, and i from Denmark.

Well, here is the deal.

I just started cycling on my unicycle i got from my father like … i dont know, its maybe 5 years ago.

And i have been cycling for 3 days now, and i can almost cycle on my own, without having my girlfriend by my side.

I just have some questions tho.

  1. Whenever i cycle, i keep loosing my balance, what am i doing wrong? I dont have too much air in my tire, and i am trying to keep my back straight.

  2. Is there any “easy” way to learn how to ride a unicycle, or would i just have to learn it the hard way? Like i had to learn how to ride a normal cycle.

  3. Do i need any specific cycle to learn it, or can i still use my old bike from like 5 years ago?

I guess thats it for now, i might have some more questions later on.

Kindly regards Alex.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

In answer to your questions.

  1. It’s unlikely that you are doing anything wrong, it just takes some practice.

  2. As far as I know, there is no shortcut to unicycling. But it can be helpful to have a wall or fence that you can use for support as you go along.

  3. You should be able to learn on any unicycle as long as it isn’t broken.

Good luck, and have fun. :smiley:


Thanks for replying to my thread :smiley: .

Another one, is that my unicycle isent so high, when i sit on it, and i have placed the seat as high as i can, i am bending my knees pretty much, and after cycling for about 2-3 minutes, i feel some small pain / pressure in my legs, but it goes away after like taking a break for 2 or more minutes.

But thanks again!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I suppose your unicycle could be too small for you, which would make it a little harder to learn. What size is your unicycle?

The higher the seat, the easier it will be to learn. . . within reason of course ; )

just keep trying and it will suddenly click . when i first learned i set myself little targets after couple of weeks of 10 to 20 minutes a day practice ,(any longer sent me mad) i could ride ok


Hello again, i am almost about to go to bed, but thanks alot for your answers, i really appreciate it!

I will post up a picture tomorrow with my unicycle, and you guys can see how it is, and what size it is.

Thanks again, really appreciated!


I think too little air in the tire can be detrimental. I’ve heard some people prefer to learn on a soft tire but I try to pump my tires up to the max sidewall rating for learners/freestyle. A tight tire will respond and turn much better than a soft one.

Unicycling is easy if you are able to get through the frustrating learning stages with patience and the knowledge that it will only be a matter of hours before you get to the level you wanted to be instantly.

If you can get hold of a longer seatpost, (try then adjust it til you can straighten your leg without stretching too much- reducing the knee bend and the pain hopefully. You could get a new one while you are there instead if you want, and lend your short unicycle to a smaller person. Make sure if you buy a seatpost that it will fit your frame- eg 22.2mm or 25.4mm.

it helped me to learn with a slighlty flat tire. but lets focus on something else:

I was kind of thinking along the same lines, I wish I had a girlfriend to lean on when I learned to unicycle. Oh, wait, I learned when I was like, 11… so… scratch that Idea. :smiley:


Hehehehehehe, thanks guys about the girlfriend thingy.

And thanks to everyone who posted an answer to my questions.

I think i just need some more patience, but i am really frustrated sometimes, because i really want to learn how to ride a unicycle, and the attention you get when riding a unicycle is amazing :smiley: .

But i will look at the website, and maybe i can find another seat, which is higher than the one i already got.

Thanks again for your answers!


Yep, it’s all about the practice. :slight_smile: Don’t give up, it’s worth it, and like you said the attention is great. :smiley:
Good luck.

Hey Bruce,

Congratulations on taking up the sport of unicycling. You’ll get it with a little patience and persistence and then you’ll be hooked on unicycling like the rest of us. I’m a really visual learner and I didn’t know any unicyclists in the area when I learned to ride last summer. I relied on youtube videos, which have helped me progress pretty quickly IMHO. I compiled some of the videos that were most helpful into the website that is in my signature line. Good luck and don’t give up.