New Bedford LowRider Plates Arrived!

I rode them yesterday and they are really nice.
I rode the plates on the lowest setting my 24" BC and I was surprised how easy it is to ride. Riding backwards with the plates on the low setting is much easier and the whole ride is really stable. I rode backwards off a curb almost as easily as doing it forwards.
The lowrider plates are much better than the older PRO plates. Riding and hopping are much easier. Now you don’t have to worry about the bolt hurting your foot either.

I like the two different holes for the axle. On the Nimbus BC plates I have heard that the top hole is the only one that anyone would really use because the bottom hole puts the bolt into your foot. On the lowriders the bottom hole is good for normal riding and hopping and the top hole is really nice if you have a bigger wheel and want a more stable ride.

I second that motion, and I’ll up the ante by saying that they must be the best set of plates in production (not including oneoffs and hand-built plates, since there are so many and they are all differant.).

Mine came today!

I took picks, but it’ll be a while to upload them. anyway, their nice, but even on the lowest setting they are a little too low. My foot still falls off the plate when I try to hop:(

I might try screwing a little wood to raise the bottom sometime.

Ha, so you changed your mind since I talked to you on the phone?


Then I had my feet so far up my ankle bone was practically touching the bolt.

Thats because you can’t hop or ride.

I have to get me some of these. The look and sound awesome.