New Bedford LowRider Plates Arrived!

Well, I got my new Bedford plates. Photos will be ready soon, once they upload. While I wait, Ill make some more comments.

So, Darren sent me an email on wendsday saying that he had shipped my plates express and they would arrive the next day, which is today. I was totally suprised because I had not paid him yet. But, they arrived today in a nice brown box. I opened them up and then spent quite a while trying to get them on without the right tools. I finally got it, but I should invest in a cone wrench for next time I take them off :wink: . Thanks to Nathan (ntappin) for giving me some advice in taking them off. Next the new ones went on, which also took some time. I rode them briefly but had to come in for some homework, which I should be doing now. I will go out after I’m done and get some riding in.

In the few minutes I could ride it I was impressed. It felt so much more stable then my old short and high plates. I will be writing a full review soon, once I get a chance to ride them some more. Look for it in the next week!

Pics are uploaded! Lets see some BC pron!

Now to ride them. Oh, and pay Darren, I got to remember to do that! :wink:

Holy crap, thats wayyyy lower than spencers. Good luck with those on a 20", youl snag the ground a lot!

look good for a 24" though.

nice job darren.

Yeah, skatemounting results in hitting the ground sometimes, but Ill get used to them. But they’re nice :slight_smile:

Man those are nice! :astonished: I bet hopping is mighty nice with those.

'Cept your feet come a couple inches off the bottom before they snag the bolt.

Well technically, after you whack your feet a few times, they’d swell so huge they’d fit snugly.

Woah, they are much lower than mine. I think the lower bolt would be close to where my prototypes are. If you use the high bolt I am not sure hopping would be possible while still keeping your feet on the plates.

I have not gotten mine yet, I think they get here Monday.


crud… those are massive. I was expecting some like spencers prototypes…

WHOA that’s crazy, Well they don’t call them lowriders for nothing. They look tempting to put on if i ever get a BC or make 1.

Here is a little more info on the new Bedford LowRider platforms…

The bottom hole is the one to use on 20" BC wheels.
It is currently a little lower that the Prototypes that Spencer has.

The top hole is for 24" BC wheels for fast downhill.
(More intensions to be mentioned at another time.)

I’am waiting for feedback from Jeff, Spencer, Jason and Roman on the hole positioning.

I will be making another run of the platforms as soon as I get the feedback.
The holes may be in a different spot depending on the feedback.

I can custom make the platforms to have the holes where you want them as well.

You can pick the colour of grip tape and the positioning of the tape too.
You can have just the foot surfaces done or the whole face of the platforms like I do for Spencer.
(He will post his when they arrive before he mounts them so you can see the grip tape.)

More details next week.


Wow, those look awesome! I really like the idea of having bigger plates. Do lower plates help significantly with stability?

Mine got here today. They look really awesome! From the pictures I thought they were way lower than my prototypes but it turns out they aren’t. I haven’t gotten to ride them yet but my foot fits in there well.
Here are some pics…

In 20" mode…

24" mode…

My cat wanted to be in one…

There are a couple more that I didn’t post in my gallery here.

Your cat has a lazy eye.

Haha, not in person. Must be a weird angle.

Whoa, they have griptape on the sides too? Hmm…

Yeah, gota be great for the insides of your shoes.

Yeah, I asked for them like that. The idea was that it would be grippier when I squeeze my feet in.

Evan, the part of my shoe that touches the grip tape on the side is probably the only part of my shoe that is not falling apart.

Ride them for a while…that will change…

Yeah, mine aren’t griptaped like that.

…And Im happy to say that they’re now on and working awesomely