New Bc Wheel

I finally got a bc wheel.
I got the plates in this afternoon but i had to go swimming and could ride it today as i have some homework to do and its dark.
It has a Hazard hub
Hazard Lite Rim
Twenty G Tyre
EB Style Plates from Borgschulze
heres some pics

I hope you enjoy those plates! It’s kind of funny how it took longer for the money to get here than the plates to get there.

yeah it took almost twice as long for a 5 gram envelope or whatever takes longer than a pound parcel.:stuck_out_tongue:

odd how the money is always slower, isn’t it?

hope you have fun on that!

Pretty cool, that is a nice wheel.

Jealous? Haha!

lol he is real jealous he just got a pimped red bc for free.:stuck_out_tongue:

It actually isn’t red at the moment…I put on my short bedfords and I rode it today with a maxxis miracle tire, its really nice. I also have a 20G that I will probably ride with sometimes.

oh cool i cant wait till i get some time to ride mine.
ill probaly have a couple mintues tommorw to practice after school and before i have to leave for swimming:)