New bc trick for me.

For those that care: New trick for me, i call it the rebound, Pretty much you bust one trick then the second you hit the gournd bust another. In this vid i tap then double tap.

Let the video load for a min or two, it will go frame by frame then play normal.

Oh cool I didn’t know you could post a vid in a thread from photobucket.

Why does that have its own name? it is just two taps in a row.

Ha, two taps in a row…Pfff. I could have made it MANY times easier by rolling 10ft inbetween. In the vid you can see i almost dont roll at all before taking off again.

guess whso gettin a bc for cristmas

…a starving child in ethiopia?


Me!!! How’d you know? gasps

Somehow I feel bad for your axel… have you ever bent an axel yet?

No and iv done some sizable drops too.

In that vid i do perfect landings, i tuck and re-extend my legs then crounch after landing.

You don’t have feet in that pic:)

Nor do I have a right hand.

I don’t like that trick.
Cause my stepdad says that unicycling is bad to him because it is just like hopping around with your shoelaces tied together, and that is what that trick looks exactly right.

The first one is one hand, then the second one is both hands.

Nice riding!

That was a 9mb gif file :astonished:

Nice trick though

rrrrrrrudolf the rrrrrrred nose rrrrrrrraindeer so Santa can deliver faster?

You always look chubby, Evan. :smiley:

I’m hoping to get a BC for xmas. I haven’t asked for one, but I’m thinking about asking for either a BC or a Coker.

Cool video. It really gives me something to look forward to. Thanks.

Thats because i am chubby. Im 150 pounds and 5’4"

I’m 155 according to my scale today, and I’m 6’, loose some weight chubby :roll_eyes:

I only ride like 5 times a month, thats why im a chub.

I drink lots of milk and have a super high metabolism, and low blood pressure.