New BC Plates

yes, you guessed it, i whipped up another batch of BC plates.

these ones are a lot better than my last attempt. i made them using 15mm (od) square tubing with 1.5mm wall thickness. the fat part at the top is 5mm thick flat bar. the right angles at the bottom were cut at 45 degrees, then welded together. the end part was welded square. the top welds between the flatbar and tubing look dodgey because of the big difference in wall thickness, i’d either blow a hole in one wall, or not melt the flatbar, so i had to do them like that. All up it’s a really strong rig, i doubt that they can be bent whilst BCing. the weight for one plate is 499 grams.

and yes, i am aware there isnt a hole in it for the axle yet. i havent built the other plate yet, i’ve only done one.

any comments or suggestions welcome (as long as they dont bag the crap out of my welding :p)

That’s a pretty beasty plate. It might pay to weld some sheet steal on for the platforms and then stick some grip tape on them.

They looks good, the welding isn’t pretty, but that doesn’t matter if they are strong!

I would get a thin piece of sheet metal, or even some play wood for a platform on the bottom part, with grip tape. Or grip tape the tops of the tubing where you’d be standing on.

Edit - Mawesome already suggested what I put =p

i’ve been wondering about grip tape, what is it exactly, where do i get it, and i assume it’s really cheap, is it?

I am sure you have sen or ridden a skateboard. On the top of most boards, it a black gritty substance, somewhat familiar to sand paper, that has an adhesive on one side to stick to the deck, it provides great grip for skating or anything you put it on.

Go to your local skate shop or ask some local skater you know if they have some scrapes of griptape you could have, most likely youll get it for free or for a very little price.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh that stuff, yeah i know it. can’t say i’ve ever ridden a skate board more then 2m.

i’ll have to look into that, get some nice flouro coloured stuff and whack it on. thanks for the comments so far, i’m suprised they’ve been good :slight_smile:

And if that doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure they sell it at Bunnings for a reasonable price.

i’ll look into it.

what’s a good weight for bc plates?, i havent been able to find the weight of other ones. these are much lighter than my other ones, but is 499 still too heavy?

a comment on the griptape
and if all else fails try “emmory tape” its great stuff I attattached some to my trial’s pedals and now Ive apoxyed my pin holes up cause i dont need them

hey guys, (or girls,) what kind of price am i looking at for a 14mm axle and hub?


well as for the price you should be able to get some real cheap one for well cheap. Do not listen to all the people on here who say 'oh yer odysey hazzard and shit because that is way over the top. You DO NOT need a good brand of hub and for a bc you DO NOT need sealed bearings, so just go down to the LBS and buy the cheapest 14mm hub/axel they have. I had to buy a new one (wheel) for me bike a while back and i got a single wall rim laced wit 48 stainless spokes to an unsealed hub for 50 bucks AUD (in australia where i live) and that is for a whole wheel with 14mm axel. Oh and you DO NOT need double wall rims for a bc (my bike has landed very badly sometimes and i havent buckled a single wall yet) i would only recomend a double wall for a 26" bc

hope this helps

I got a hub with a 14mm axel from ebay for under $5. You should look there before spending more money, it was a great deal.

I honestly think that you should wait for Evan or Spencer to chime in (possibly even Jeff Groves if your lucky). But, that all depends on how far you are planning on going with it. Do you want to learn tricks and drops and jumps? If so I would wait for an experianced rider to give their personal opinions on hubs and the such.


Yeah but the Oyssey Hazzard is a beast of a hub! I wonder what a G-Sport Homer would be like on a BC? What if someone wanted to make the ultimate pimpin’ BC? You wouldn’t want a cheap hub then!

Rock on!

Those plates look suspiciously similar to Evan’s design.

As for hubs and rims…I am not an expert with that stuff but I would say sealed bearings would be nice. Don’t get a crappy rim, if you are going to do big hops and drops you can flat spot it.

If you are just going to ride it around then yeah, get crappy parts but if you want to go big then spend some more money and get stuff that won’t die.

Evan will probably chime in here when he wakes up. He probably knows alot more than me because he breaks alot more parts and stuff.

A cheap 14mm axle will hold up fine for drops. I have seen up to a 5 foot drop managed on one by my friend and he does it repeatedly, and the axle is great. He said he got it online for about 25 dollars. As for the rim, you should buy a high quality rim, and they arnt even that expensive for a good one, that is double walled.

If you are gonna get into it, and start going bigger, You should buy some high quality equipment, but that doesnt mean you have to spend lots of money. Look around a lot, and youll find deals that will save you tons.

Like my friend Phil, he was saving up for profiles on his trials, but now, cause he waited and looked around more, he is getting a brand new uni, I forgot the frame, either a Nimbus II or KH, with a profile wheelset, for free! How freakin lucky!

Anyways, buy decent parts, youll be thankful in the long run.

::Evan Posting::

Nice plates, Those welds could be better but i bet they will hold for your stuff. As for hubs, the hazard hub has held up fine so far for me, bryan, and spence. AS you may have seen, the biggest drop so far has been around 4-5 ft. Not very big. I’l bet that someone breaks a 14mm on a bc in the near future.

What kind of metal did you use? Please dont say mild steel.

whoa my plates look exactly like yours , but crapper.

i dunno what metal it is, i’d guess it was mild steel but i cant be sure :stuck_out_tongue:

The hazard hub shoudl be good. I’m pretty sure that even uses it. I’m not sure where you can get it though cing as your in AUStralia.

You should be able to get a hazard hub (or equivilant) from your lbs. I was looking into getting a bc a while ago and my lbs had what I think was a hazard for around $100, but you might be able to sweet talk them into selling it for a bit cheaper.