New BC plates with pics!


well, i made another pair of bc plates, the exact same as my newer old ones.

This time i desided to try something a little different, i tilted teh bases up about 3º to help keep my feet into the bolts, and to keep my feet from sliding off the plates in a hard landing. i tryed them out and it helps ALOT, you cant really feel it, though you can sure see it. but you can really feel our feet sliding into the plate, vs where you have to keep pinching your feet into the plates to stay on.

heres a pic:

new plates 007.JPG

oooo very snazzy…if i had a bc…i would get you to make the plates for it…but alas i do not

heres a close up of my sexy welding job.

new plates 0054.JPG

wanna sell some of your old ones for cheap? i will give you 30 bucks canadian including shipping for some :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, jsut sent my old pair to a freind

hah thats fine i was kinda joking anyways. i rather doubted you would take that since the shipping would be at least about 15 bucks canadian

Look’s cool!..just wondering but don’t the bolts cut into your ankles at times???
O yeah where can i find a cheap pair of plates???

Thats the like god damn 10th coment on teh bolts hiting my ankles! they never have once toched my ankles.

Do the bolts rip up your ankles when you land wrong?

Couldn’t help it :slight_smile:



The plates look nice, and thats a great idea! It wwould be ingeunius if I knew how to spell it.

Dont teh axel dun grind on your ankley boneses?

don’t the bolts hit your ankles?
seriously though, I wanna see a picture of how you stand on the plates if the bolts don’t hit you at all.
pretty shnazzy though!!

Did you make your plates out of tubing or bar stock?
What size?

The tubing is round 1/2" .083 4130, the plate stock is 3/16" 4130

I know it’s not as sexy sounding as 4130 but wouldn’t 3/8 inch gas pipe work just as well?

Seriously!!! How do you not mind the axle sticking out that far. My BC used to be that way and I had to cut down to be able to ride.

well teh bolts are for hopping, and i usualy ride on teh ball of my foot, so…