New bc design!

ok so my new design for a bc wheel is to get a freewheeling unicycle, make it into a kangaroo, take the frame and seat off, and let the cranks swing down. So you don’t have to get plates you could get cranks and normal pedal.

Oooorrr…Get a bc?

but with this idea you wouldn’t have to worry about bending plates or anything and lowriders? who needs em you can have 150mm cranks hanging down.

Sure, but the freewheeling hub with square taper on the ends doesn’t really exist as far as I know… At least not one that can accomidate a frame…

youd just bend the cranks, and you couldnt hop, unless you had caged or clipless pedals, and then you could hop, fall, and break your ankle.

however, there is a bc somewhat like this in One Wheel No Limits.

I think you can get tricycle hubs that do, but really its not the same thing, as you can’t roll it backwards at all. Also you wouldn’t be able to get as much control with this design.

With the plates its better because the bottoms are always on the same axis compared to the arm parts. With pedals they would be able to move, and therefore it would change the way you ride.

What do you mean by freewheeling unicycle? like the swat coaster uni where you can pedal and then coast?

A freewheel hub that has an axle that takes crank arms would be hard to find and weaker. Then if you had pedals on the end of your cranks they would be able to spin independently. You would have more problems with your idea than with a normal bc.

edit: crap, a bunch of people posted right before me and said the exact same thing…oh well

hmm I knew something wasn’t right. no going backwards and pedals spin. well it was worth a try

I don’t to have to worry about bending plates. I also don’t have to worry about lowriders. In addition to that, i bet your run of the mill 150mm cotterless crank with that much downward and inward force would bend much easier than a lowrider plate

your idea reminded me of this…it would at least be able to go backwards but still weak and spinning pedals…

Exactly, Stupid idea.

wow that’s exactly what I was thinking of. I guess it is a pretty stupid idea. I should just stick to unicycles.

Wow, what a blast from the past, that’s exactly like the original BC wheel I bought from Darren about 15 years ago. It’s now back hanging in Darren’s shop. Before Darren invented the plate system that was probably the best available.


couldn’t u just find away to keep the pedals from spinning like weld them so they are level it would take away from them spinning on ya and about being weak well i dont know what to say there

Might as well just weld a platform then.

ya but that means more time and work personly i like the feel of pedals under my feet more but as a bc i dont know havent tried. so i guess it would mean more of a comfer thing then anything

Your feet are so tenced up and cramped up after very little riding it doesnt matter whats under them they will still hurt.

ya but lifes a pain, might as well have some comfer b4 u put urself threw the pain lol… plus i’m not worried about my feet i care about my knees, the doc dont want me to ride, since i had my knees taken out on me well playing hockey… but well what the doc dont know wont kill him, unless he see’s me riding

It wouldn’t hurt the doctor either way, just hurt you.

true but becoming lazy because the doctor wants me to quit things i enjoy doing will hurt me even more i would say. Maybe it wont cause more problem then i already got but well i dont want to find something new to make me happy