new battle idea

alright so heres my idea. this is what they do on the bboy forums so i thought itd be kinda cool to do here. first you call either a specific person or just anyone in general out. then u can either post your video or wait for someone to post theres. first one to take u up is the one u battle. so like if you make a callout and someone says they accept, you both post a video and the people say whose better. wed probably have to divide it into different styles if we did it so itd be fair and the videos shouldnt be longer than like 2 mins. just a thought.


And when someone’s being obnoxious, we’ll have them put their uni where their mouth is by calling them out.

sounds like a cool idea but i dont have a video camera:(

I believe in this idea. I feel like competition is neccessary on here. Hopefully it’ll work.

hell yeah im down

my sponsor me vid will be out in like a month and a half and i’m calling out EVERYONE when it’s finished. lol. or something. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

there’s like four people on these forums who would even stand a chance at beating you…
I’m up for it!

niiiice I ca own both shaun and justin at the same time … sounds good to me bitchies

There should be rules so that the really good people cant challenge and pick on the sucky people (me). Maybe divide them up by unicycling level and you can only challenge people equal or higher than you, or you can also challenge someone if they really piss you off and turn a thread into a shouting match.

Is the video meant to be of just one trick, or just a normal video like ppl normally post???

How about a game of HORSE with time limits to get your movie up? If you can’t get the trick done and put up within 24 hours, you get a letter.

That sounds like a cool idea. I would recommend a category for unedited, just compressed, uncut clip since some people don’t have time to spend mixing a video. Then have another class for combined video clips with mixing.

Isn’t it standard that in this “kind” of thing you can only challenge people in your own class or classes above you? If you have been to trials comps, you could use what level you competed in. To go up a level, maybe you would have to beat several (say three) people from the next class up?

Yea the different skill levels shouldn’t be a problem. Just if someone makes a call out don’t put up your video. I think horse might take a while so I don’t know about that. You have to upload one trick, wait on them, wait on the verdict, then repeat 5 times.I don’t know but I’ll probably make a call out in like2 days.

Everyone make videos, someone posts one and calls out whoever, or everyone. Someone accepts it, and either finsihes the video, or makes one quickly. Just make it simple. Street vs. Street, Trials vs. Trials, Freestyle vs. Freestyle, Flatland vs. Flatland. Or mix it up but try to keep it under the same cata. But whatever. haha. I’m game. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

if I ride naked does it give me bonus points ?

i think official HORSE games would move too slow. i think each challenge should involve 1 trick only. just a thought.

its not a horse game tho… u make a vid someone else makes a vid the person with the godlyest vid wins

yes! but for my sake censor it lol.

thanks for simplifying it.

haha no probs men wut if I film naked chiks ? still gotta sencor ? hahahaha jk