New at this, feet/pedal feels funny

I’ve been trying/riding for about 20 hours.
I’m able to go up to about 50ft (I usually start holding myself against my car)
Sometimes, I’m able to start without help.

What I have noticed is that I tend to not put my left foot (I’m left handed) flat on the pedal. I tend to rest my shoe at an handle on the pedal (with the sole facing towards the wheel). Not sure why? I think it’s because the pedals are too close to the wheel.
I believe that this causes the cycle to wooble left to right and makes it hard to control.
I’m looking at “pedal spacers”. What are they normally used for?

Thanks for the help.


if anything having the pedals closer into the wheel makes it more stable and less wobbly.

i’d say that is a small problem which could be fixed once you are a cofident rider and can reposition your feet on the pedals whilst riding.

when i forst started i felt like the pedals were way to close to the wheel. but now that i have more practice and can ride around good it doesn’t bother me.