New and Confused!

Hey there!

I basically joined this forum because I want to learn how to unicycle. I’ve never tried it, but have always wanted to.

It’s almost impossible to find a used one where I live. So I’m wondering, is it really worth it to put $170 into a new one when I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it? Or do y’all know another way I could get a used one for cheaper?

And what’s easier to learn on - a 20" or 24" ? I don’t know what I want to use it for yet, wether for trails or tricks.

Please - any advice super welcome!

I personally think it’s more than worth to buy a new one. My first unicycle(the one I have now) cost me 400$ and was well worth it. If I bought a cheaper one I’d have to buy another one a few months later.

As for the size, they say a 20" is generally easier to learn on. What do you want a unicycle for? The choice of size really depends on the style of riding.

Edit: and a big warm welcome to the forums.

Hows it goin buddy, 1st of all welcome to the forums, 2nd of all i think a 20" is good for learning. Cause i learned on this unicycle which i sold shortly after cause i wanted 2 upgrade to a Torker LX which i still have. :smiley: As for wasting $170 do you have a link of what unicycle you want and whereabouts do you live.

Can you walk?

Yeah it’s a dilema all new unicyclists face. Have you looked in to finding circus skills workshops or conventions near where you live? Maybe you can have a go and see if it’s for you before you have to buy your own. Also there might be someone on here who lives near you who can loan you one. If you want a cheap uni to learn on ebay is good, you can get a no-brand 20" with shipping for $70, or a torker LX for $95. Sure it won’t be great quality, but it will do while you learn and figure out what kind of riding you want to do, then you can sell it off to a learner and upgrade.

I was lucky enough to pick up an old uni in a charity shop for £20, I started riding it offroad and when I decided it was what i wanted to do I bought myself a muni, and eventually gave the old 20" to a unicycle club.

Yes I can walk … awesome, that’s encouraging! haha

There are only 2 types of unicycles that I can buy instore here (which, they have to order anyways) - one being a Norco for $150 +tax CDN and the other is … I forget … but it’s $115. Buddy at the shop said it’s worth the extra money to buy the norco because of it’s seat - that if I rode the cheaper one, the seat my turn me off of ever wanting to ride. But he is a sale’s person, so I never know if they just want my money or if they’re being honest.

We definitely don’t have a circus skills shop or anything of the like here. I can’t say where I live, but it’s a small place.

As for the ebay idea - I’ve been looking. But I prefer to buy straight from Canada and the only ones from there that seem suitable will cost me just as much as a new one once you add in the shipping costs.

Would you say it’s worth getting a no-brander for that much? And what’s a Torker LX?

thanks everyone for your advice and comments lol… I know it can be annoying with newbies and their Q’s! really appreciate this!

where do you live??

and yes having a comfy seat does help.

and if you can walk you CAN ride. it doesnt take very long youll get the hang of it, JUST KEEP YORU WEIGHT ON THE SEAT when you are learning to ride.

I’ve never heard of a norco b4 :thinking: :thinking: They mostly want your money to make a sale. Well my “cheap” one lasted me a year or 2 b4 i sold it. So if i were you. Try finding somewhere where they sell torkers. I gurantee it’s value for money. If you can’t find them anywhere. May i suggest E-Bay. :smiley: :smiley:

Again, Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone else on this friendly forum. :smiley: :smiley:

Hoped this helped
Take care

Well since you can walk, you can learn to unicycle! :slight_smile:

Ah sorry I didn’t know you were in Canada

As for the two unis in your local store, a bad saddle can really put you off unicycling, if you’re always uncomfortable you’re never going to enjoy it. However the cheaper one may be ok to learn on, give them both a squeeze and see if the cheap one is atall soft, if it feels spongey it will probably be ok, it it just feels like hard plastic I would probably avoid it and go with the norco.

Don’t worry about asking questions, it’s what these forums are for!

merci :slight_smile:

Yeah, norco is like the only brand I can find out here lol. So that’s odd I guess. I’ll check dealers for the Torker - looks pretty good. (I checked ebay, and with shipping, I could buy a brand new norco here for the same price, and I’d get warranty. So $150 is still looking like the price).

do most people concur that 20" is better to learn on?

Canada - besides that, I don’t like to say, sorry :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip!!

Welcome to the forum.

If you happen to live near the Ontario/US/Quebec border I can help you learn and let you use one of my uni’s to get you started just send me a PM.

If you’re not near that keep your eye on the left column to see where ppl are located… most uni riders are always looking to recruit new riders to help them get started.


Y’all have been great - what a friendly place (so far =P ) - thanks for all the replys!

If anyone has any advice or tips for this newbie, doesn’t matter if it 's about buying, the unicycle itself or riding … please do tell!

spending lots of money on a unicycle is not a waste :smiley:
you will be able to ride it, you can do anything if you put your mind to it
good luck

Hello, welcome to the fora!

I’m not sure how shipping works out in Canada, but is where I’ve got all 3 of my unicycles. Great service and speedy deliveries.

As for general tips, have a look at the link in my signature. I kept a day-by-day journal of my first 35 days learning to unicycle, and it’s helped many newbies learn the sport. It’s fairly detailed, well-written (in mine and others’ opinion), and there are tips at the end of each entry.

Good luck!

Have you tried DARREN in Toronto? Give him a call and he will steer you the right way. As a distributor, he has to be one of the most helpful folks I know for setting people up with the right ride.

I would go for a cheapo 24" to learn on if you’re at least 5 feet tall. It will be more versatile than a 20" after you learn. Avoid Savage saddles and the original Torker saddles which were designed for children. Finding used unicycles for a reasonable price is not that easy.

I’ve got a used learner uni that just needs some new pedals, I’m in Ottawa so if you aren’t too far off then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get ahold of it. The Norco unis are overpriced and not really all that worth it. I had one and so did a friend of mine so I have payed the money for it before. Also if you are looking for a cheap new one, then most bike shops can actualy order one for you for 130 Canadian, plus tax which comes out to about 150, so you save about 20 bucks. Its basically the same as the Norco just its chrome instead of black so at least its a bit cheaper.

O and stay away from ordering from, it costs way to much to get unicycles across the border, you are pretty much always going to be better off just getting the unicycle from in Canada, or at most from Ebay.

I had a Norco 20".
Lets all remember that if you haven’t heard of NORCO, then you don’t know who Kris Holm’s is.
HE WAS A NORCO FACTORY RIDER FOR ABOUT 100 YEARS. The Norco 20 or 24 would do you fine for now. The seat is a KH knock off and is still a really great seat. The pedals are fine and the wheel is quite good as well. You would have to get way better than BEGGINER to need an upgrade. I am in Kingston, Ontario, so if your close, look me up.


darren is great, helpful, and nice.