New Additions to

Hi Guys,
Just thought i’d start a thread where we can announce new additions to
I’ve just added a Crankflip tutorial courtesy of Jeff and Spencer, so thanks a lot guys because a lot of people have been asking about one.
So check it out on the Street Skills page!

A few more updates I added this afternoon.

  • Link to the Stockton Unicycle and Juggling club website
  • Link to dudewithasocks Journal of a new Unicyclist on the Basic Riding Page
  • Link to mine and Joe’s video we made a few weeks ago
    Thats about all for now…If anyone thinks of anything I should add let me know!
    Hope you enjoy.

I just built 2 of your gapping bar things, And I put an 8 foot 2 by 4 in it, and it worked wonderfully as a skinny, especially if you put 2 or more after it.