New acomplishment

I recently entered the wonderful world of unicycle, about a month ago, and i though i might just post some of my most recent prgress because im bored and happy. Today i kind of learned to ride seat out in front, think i rode about 20m and also made it up my 6 porch steps one by one.
well thats all i have to brag about alothough its not much… anyway… im done.

Congrats Hermit :slight_smile:
I started 3 weeks ago and am just starting to barely ride :slight_smile:

Wow, that is great progress. Sometimes reading the post from these quick learners makes me want to give up.

But only for a second. Good for you!

i can ride backwards, forwards, and one-footed, but i can’t ride seat outor hop for the life of me.guess i need to practice more. good job, man. good job.

I can ride forward backward, and one footed, I can idle one footed with both feet, I can carve my wheel in turns, I can rolling hop about 18 inches, I can do 180’s, and am learning to wheel walk, but i still can’t ride sif, I’ve only practiced it a few times, its just annoying since I ride with my seat reletivly low, so I have to get out the allen wrench heighten the seat, and then practice it. I’ve riden a good 50 yards seat in front before, just I don’t practice for awhile and its like i have to start over, pluss its incredibly tiring, and boring to practice so I just don’t.

Although I should try and stick it someday ^^