New ! a FLAT unicycle !!!!

I am proud to announce you the new Koxx One Flat unicycle :

After differentiating Trial and Street unicycles, I offers now a Flat unicycle.

Extremely light and sharp, it is the best for all incredible combinations of tricks like crank flip / Uni spin / rotation …

Enjoy! :wink:


Looks nice and black! Is it for flatland only?
How much will it cost?

i saw this on xaviers profile on your website

i was wondering what the black domina was

now i know !

thanks Yoggi !

That is very cool Yoggi, when do you think the frame will be available?

wow nice…

How much does it weigh though?
that frame looks sweet…

Couldnt we have abit more colour though? or are we trying to get ninja unicyclists LOL

Cool! I’m still waiting for you to come out with a “Northern Lights” unicycle though :slight_smile: It could be a snow municycle perhaps

Look totally amazing

/me crys “i want one!”

hope its light an cheap yet strong:p


The Frame is the Signature KOXX ONE aluminum frame, we have 2 of those (polished aluminum) left in stock, 20%OFF retail until Christmas, I just posted them in the B/S section…

The BlackDomina will retail for around 650$CAN as a complete uni

that’s not exactly a signature frame
it’s not possible to make a 2.5 tire with a signature ,

What pedals are on that thing?



Dustin shut up dude.


Extraordinary!!! How come people have’nt though of that already!

The Biscuits are a plastic platform pedal, I think made by wellgo. Read this thread: [THREAD]50462[/THREAD]

How polite of you.

I agree, that was really really rude, I don’t see that Dustin did anything wrong at all, he just said the name of the pedal, infact I would see that as him doing something very kind, taking time to answer your question.

i think he thought dustin was joking

now it for sure it think:p

When I read the thread title, I thought it was about a unicycle that had been run over by a truck, or something like the old Schwinns with their flat frames.

What? Schwinn still makes them? Methinks it’s time for Schwinn to attach their good name to a better piece of hardware…

He thought Dustin was kidding and being annoying. To be fair, Dustin is almost aways annoying :stuck_out_tongue: (He knows I’m kidding). Let’s leave this HERE.

As for the unicycle, I have riddin it a little bit (although I think it was the prototype) and it was veeery nice. Very smooth and light.


Soirry Dustin but I thought you were kidding and you know that I didn’t mean that :slight_smile:
We know eatch other so :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry dudes :roll_eyes: