New, 43 y/o wannabe rider from Belgium

Hi there,
I just wanted to introduce myself.

I’m a 43 year old Dutch guy living in Belgium since quite a while. My daughters and I have come across unicycles every now and then at fairs / events where they had a “circus” corner. But obviously in just trying a few minutes you do not get anywhere.

So a couple of weeks ago I figured it would be a cool summer holiday project to learn how to unicycle. I prefer to have the girls try something physical than try just another video game.

So I bought a QU-AX Luxe 20", this is sold with two seatposts, allowing for enough range so the three of us could use it. For the youngest one I bought a smaller saddle so we could just change seat post or height depending on rider.

Now after a few weeks of trying (typically in too short sessions) we’re almost there.
I have the feeling it could have gone a bit faster if we had practiced longer sessions but with three people for one bike time is limited. And when kids cannot ride they get annoyed and want to go home:). Plus time is shared between mom’s and dad’s place so that eliminates some practice time.

But all in all I am happy with the progress: all three of use can ride several meter unsupported. Yesterday evening a put in a long solo-session and at the end I managed several rides for the full length of the local skate park, some 30 meters.

This was a little victory as I had a little set-back earlier in trying.
Already on my second day I managed to ride a few meters for a couple of times.
But then I managed to fall flat on my back and confidence was all down the drain.
And the developing discomfort in my shoulder didn’t help. Two weeks later the shoulder was healed and I slowly got back to it.

My “long” session of yesterday really confirmed to me that our previous session where typically too short / fragmented.

My daughters prefer to ride using my forearm as support, then letting go once they find their balance is OK. I keep walking beside them with my arm out so they tap / grab it for support.

I started using the same approach using the oldest daughter as my guide but after my fall this no longer gave me the secure feeling I was looking for. So I switched to the skate park which has a nice rail along the full length.
And, as you have read above, this did the trick for me. I’m now also getting the girls to use the rails.

Our instruction basically came from youtube, browsing several tutorials.

One thing I have learned that I have not seen in any tutorial so far: a surface that is (ever so) slightly uphill is very nice to start on. I found this in the skate park which has a very slight incline. I felt much more comfortable going “up” than going “down”. Attempt at explaining how I feel it: In going up you keep the pressure nicely on the front foot without having to find the right pressure on the back foot.

I also learned that I need to keep very conscious about keeping my weight on the saddle. If I don’t my quads will tell me afterwards.

Long story short:
We’re almost there, we like it, we just bought a second QU-AX Luxe 20" :slight_smile:

You are no wannabe rider. You are a real rider! And kudos for helping your kids learn to ride! Welcome to the forum. Keep watching the YouTube videos. Also, the search function in this forum should help answer many of your questions. Keep us posted on your family-unicycling progress. Best wishes!

Progress report

Today we recorded some rides during our practice session.
Didn’t go too wel for me but the oldest daughter made a lot of progress with the handrail method.

The oldest daughter:

Both of us:

Hey, another 43yo beginner! :slight_smile: I also started on a 20" QU-AX a few weeks ago. Great fun!

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