New 36er - Opinions Appreciated

Hello everyone, I realize there are similar threads but I have scoured them all and still have some questions/would love to hear from more of you. I have been unicycling for a couple years and I’ve been itching to get a big wheeled uni for traveling. Now that I’m ready to, I’m having the hardest time deciding which one to go with (I’m not quite experienced enough to understand what sets them all apart from one another.) I want it to be durable enough to handle drops and MUni as well as commuting. I also would like a brake and handlebars. With this in mind, the first unicycle to catch my eye was the nightfox as it comes with everything already and is cheaper than the Oracle or Kris Holm. I am about 6’ though and worry that it may not be as durable in the long run because of the telescoping legs. I then read in another post that the Oracle 36ers hub is not preferred for drops. I am wondering, does this leave the KH as the last one standing? Are the drawbacks I mentioned about the nightfox and nimbus false/irrelevant? Is there something about the KH I should know that has not been mentioned? And finally, Are the spokes on all three unicycles the same on both sides or are some of them different on one side because of brake placement (is this significant?)
Thank you for time in helping me make this decision!