New 36" radial tire on Coker rim?

The tire on my coker is nearing the end of it’s life, so I was wondering if it might be possible to get one of the new radial 36" tires instead and fit it onto the standard coker rim.

Would this work? The listings don’ t show tire width or anything so I am really not sure.

The new tire is 2.25" wide. It’ll be fine.

It’s listed on the actual unicycle here

I’ve put the new tyre on my airfoil rim. This is an even tighter fit than the standard rim but it was still doable, although it took another spare pair of hands and some grunt.

There are plenty of threads on how to mount coker tyres so just do a search.

Things I wished I had remembered:

-use rim tape, the rubber rim protector I had moved around when I mounted the tyre so I had to take it off again and then apply sticky rim tape (insulation tape will work and is cheaper than the proper stuff).
-use metal tyre levers, I snapped two plastic ones getting the new tyre off before remounting

Also remember that once fitted you can get the bead to sit nicely by taking your tyre to a bike shop and getting them to inflate it to a high PSI for a few minutes until it seats, and then take it down to your usual pressure.

Park Tools makes super hard tire levers that are extremely hard to break. Actaully, they don’t snap, they sorta just bend.