New 24X3.0 Gazzaloddi

I have an unused Gazzaloddi for sale. I no longer have a 24" wheel, so it needs a new home. $60 plus shipping.

These photos show the new 24x3.0 Gazz (next to tree), a used 24x3.0 Gazz ($20) and a used 24x3.0 Fireball ($15).



John M

Any of these tires still available ?

Hi Enigma-

Have all of these tires been sold? I’d be interested in any if them if not.
PM if possible.


The used Gazz is still available.

How worn is it?

Are there any flat spots from hopping or is there good tread all around?

Judging by the photos, I would say about 50%. I don’t have the new one any more to do a good comparison. The tire is worn evenly, as it was mostly used on a bike. I only used it a short time on my MUni.


R they still available?

Please give me a call or email.

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