New 24'' unicycle


It’s my first post here.

I unicycle for about 2 months. I can now ride pretty long distances and for long periods of time, as well as make some basic tricks, like small hops. I already started doing some light MUni, which I love!

However, my unicycle is a 12 yo 20’’ (it’s still in perfect conditions, nothing is broken or bended - I only changed the pedals). And I wanted now a 24’’, cause I’ve read that it really suits best my needs (it covers longer distances(it’s faster) and it’s best for light MUni)

I’m thinking about Torker LX. I really can’t buy a Nimbus II, this Torker is my limit.

However, I found this on amazon:

As you can see, I could brake 3 of those and it would still cost the same as a Torker! I don’t have lots of money, but I really like unicycling. I’ll be doing light MUni and small hops.

You think I would still be better served by the Torker?
Anyone has ever bought this other Amazon unicycle? I don’t even know the manufacturer.

Most of you will say that the Torker is way better for me. But why?? Remember that I could brake 3 of the others and would still cost the same as 1 Torker!

Thank you very much!

I owned an 18 inch one of those that my brother and I both learned to ride on. I’m pretty sure that they come off of an assembly line in china and are sold with different brand names. On ours, we have replaced the cranks, the saddle, the pedals the tire and the tube with only a few hours on it. I would recommend buying a torker, as I have been very happy with the LX and CX that I have. I’ll try to list the advantages of each component, but if there is something that I missed ask me and I will try to answer.

Toker CX: If you are older than 10 the saddle on a CX is way to small and terribly uncomfortable.
Torker LX: A pretty good saddle, but not the best.
Chinese: Almost as good as the torker LX while it stays together but mine broke apart and it had to be replaced.

Toker CX: Flat crown is strong but definitely not as strong as the LX.
Torker LX: Flat crown, seems pretty strong.
Chinese: Round crown, about as good as the CX.

Toker CX: Square taper, but pretty sturdy.
Torker LX: Square taper, seems the same as the CX.
Chinese: Square taper, probably almost as good as the torker ones.

Toker CX: Nice and strong, nothing has gone wrong yet
Torker LX: Nice and strong, so far so good.
Chinese: Not near as good, a few have bent slightly on mine.

Toker CX: Pretty nice.
Torker LX: Seems very strong
Chinese: Very cheap

Toker CX: Good for road
Torker LX: Very nice I think its a kenda k-rad
Chinese: Terrible! I wore the stock tire out in a couple of hours

Toker CX: Not particularly sturdy, but not to bad
Torker LX: Sturdy, but I put different ones on mine because the original ones wouldn’t grip my shoe at all
Chinese: About as cheap as pedals can get

Toker CX: Cheap steel square tapers
Torker LX: Square taper, sturdy aluminum.
Chinese: Cheap steel square tapers

I think that about covers it, If you want to do hops and drops you should buy a torker. You could buy the CX that the link goes to, and kind of go half way in between the two, but you will probably want to replace the saddle if you do. If you do buy that one off of amazon, it will ride nicely for a while, but from my experience it will start breaking and not stop. I put a link to an LX, that has a best offer. You can probably get it for $130ish.
Wow I’m realizing how long this came out to be, but I think I managed to cover pretty much everything.

Link to cheapest CX
Link to LX

How about a 26" instead :slight_smile: It’s better for going places and light muni than a 24, and it’s a more noticeable step up from the 20 you already have."+unicycle

This one will only cost you as much as 2 crappy no-name unicycles.

Whoa thats a really good deal! It tempts me…

for just a little more you can go to an lx pro with an Isis hub, a bit more durable. I’ve seen them for 150 or so on ebay. I don’t off hand recall the tire sizes

I’m pretty sure that LX pros only come in 20 inch.

Thank you all

@Shmolagin Thank you very much for the detailed description. I decided to go for the Torker LX. I had to Google some of the words you said, like “hub” that I was not exactly sure what it was (I’m not a native speaker), so I learn a lot with your answer about unicycles, thank you :slight_smile:


I have just another question, that probably is very stupid.

aarons showed another Torker LX unicycle, 26’’ wheel, and that is a very interesting unicycle as well (Thank you for that aarons). I found out that I can get the 24’’ LX and the 26’’ LX for more or less the same price, but i’m afraid that the 26’’ will be too much (I never tried any besides 20’’).

So my question is: is it possible to change the whole wheel of a 26’’ unicycle and replace with a 24’’ wheel? In teory I think this is possible, but I’m afraid the unicycle could become unstable or something like that.

I ask this becouse, if this is possible, I will buy the LX 26 and then, if I ever want to try a 24’’, I can simply change the whole wheel. This would obviously not be possible the other way around (if I buy the 24’’).

Thank you very much!

It should be possible to go from the 26 to the 24, you just have to check the bearing size and spacing to make sure that they match.

A friend of mine purchased the $59 24" unicycle and it is very fragile. He bent the cranks and rim learning how to ride on concrete. If your strapped for cash get a Torker or keep an eye out on craigslist. The cheepo Amazon unicycle will be shot the first time you do a mini hop or crank hard up a hill. It really sounds like you need a decent uni since you mention muni and hopping. Remember that you can’t progress if your uni is broken.

Thanks for your answer again. But have you actually done it or saw someone do something like that?

Thank you, finally someone that actually bought the thing :smiley:

I already decided for the Torker LX. Thank you

Nope sorry :roll_eyes:

Glad I went w/ the Torker cx24.Was looking at the $55new ebay ones and thought no way.
May move up to a 26 LX eventually if I get this thing,saw one for under $150 obo I think.
Thanks for the info.

Actually, you can buy a torker lx 26 inch for $125 off of amazon.