NEW! 24 Butterfly pedals from Koxx.

Axle/pedal body join revised, so that it doesn’t just fall off anymore.

Slimmed down body, lighter weight, better looks.

Looks cool I suppose. Just a prototype for now I suppose, but I guess the final thing’ll be very similar if not exactly like this.

Those look evil.

:smiley: It’s funny cause they have that transformers look to it in a way. :smiley:


yep defintly a deceptacon.


they should ad two more pins to the center

those are nice!!

will they be avilaible also in magnesium?

How much do these weigh? Also, how is the grip compared to Jim C’s?

One thing I forgot, price?

Think it will be 80€, like the old ones.

Peter M

oh. I was hoping for something more along the lines of jack bauer

Thats certainly a nice little upgrade. Haha.

i agree i saw these this morning on renegade…

Those are pretty sweet, If they had them in magnesium though I think I would cream myself.

+1 :smiley:

how would mag pedals fare for street/trials? i can’t imagine mags lasting long, but people use them for bmx.

My mad jimmy c’s are holding up nicely evcenthough I haven’t use them all that much just yet.

I’ll be curious about what the design is that solves that problem.

Finding good pedals that are grippy, thin, durable, and don’t fall of the spindle is an ongoing quest for ideal muni pedals. Surprisingly there are very few pedals that meet that criteria.

I used em for a long time and loved them except the pin design.

I have also used butterflies for a decent length of time and loved them except the axles and the fact they were alu.

Magnesium just slides sooooooooooo much better than aluminum.