New 2013 Torker LX, 36 spokes only...

So doing some research, and looking at the new 2013 models, the CX and LX will have only 36 spokes while the DX will have 48 spokes. Will this move actually make the Club Freestyle uni more desirable since now they both have the same number of spokes and morelikely same durability for the wheel? The adavantage of the Club will be the Nimbus II frame and of course the nimbus quick release; however Torker frame has the flat top crown. When are the 2013 Club models out?

I am guessing the 2013 club unis will be the same as they were

The quick release clamp won’t be an advantage for long, unless you change the hight of your seat a lot. In the long run it will get in the way for some skills and plain cause you damage every time you hit it. They are fine for just learning but you will eventually wish it was not there.

The number of spokes is still reasonable unless you are doing large drops. Personally I would take the LX or LX Pro, your mileage may vary.

Why is it so hard to find Torker LX unicycles these days? Also looks like they’ve gone from 48 to 36 spokes.

I have a Classic Sun 24" and I’m having trouble free mounting it. Last week I took a pretty bad fall on my knee with no knee pads. Now I think I need a 20". I ride fine on the 24" but free mounting is another thing. The pedals, especially the second one is too high. It’s really hard not to put weight on first one and then hop on the second one.

I don’t want to put money into another beginner uni but don’t know what I’d like to have when/if I get better. There are just too many unicycle types too choose from … freestyle, street, trials, flatland. I’m also considering buying a nice one that I could upgrade as I get better or decide to do different type of riding. Maybe a Nimbus or Impact.

Can a freestyle uni be upgraded to a street uni?

Yes it can for a street uni assuming the wheel fits in the frame. A nimbus 2 frame would be a good frame for both. Alternatively a reagent frame would be ideal (plus they are massively discounted on clearance atm) but CrMo nimbus hubs (for the freestyle wheel) will probably need their bearings removed and slightly larger inside spacers fitted to accomodate the large bearing housings. If you speak to UDC, they may be able to do it for you.

When swapping between the two, you will have to swap the entire wheel as the wheel size and rims are different.

Thanks Dave. I’m looking at the Impact Regent Popcycle. It has KH Moment Hub and KH Spirit cranks. I suppose this is an ISIS hub. I know ISIS = good but confused whether it’s the hub and/or the cranks. UDC’s pages seem a bit inconsistent when comparing parts. I should probably give them a call.

isis is both the hub and the cranks, its how the two fit together.

With common modern unicycles you have two standards:

Cotterless (square taper) - The end of the axle is formed of a tapered square. This is cheap to produce and provides a strong enough join for everyday riding on a cheap b*ke but if you start riding off road or hopping it will deform quickly. It is strong enough for road unis, childrens unis and trainers.

ISIS - The end of the axle is formed by ten ridges and grooves. This provides a much stronger join than cotterless. There are more crank types available to suit rider preference.

The popcycle looks like a nice tough uni.