New 20" DX In stock at $270 - free Shipping

Its in stock at the warehouse, you just have to call 973 - 208 - 5644

Im still waiting for a call saying its in stock at the retail store.


Sorry for the cross post, but I believe this is worth repeating…

Unless you live up the road from these guys… just stay away from them. has horrible sales support, and forget about hearing from them once they have your money.

Here is the Better Business Bureau report on READ THIS before placing any orders with!

Notice they haven’t even responded to 1/2 of the BBB’s complaints! Think they’ll listen to some piddly little customer? Meh.

It’s worth paying a little extra to a company whom you know cares about your business…, anyone?

350 or 270. Yah, pay the extra 80 if you really want to, plus shipping. Not everyone that much money


If you live nearby, you could take orders from anyone who wants one and ship them yourself. I’m sure whoever buys them from you would be willing to pay a fee for your services…