NEW 19"/26" Alex DX-32 rims

A little birdie from told me that unicyclists might be interested in some wide cheap 36 hole rims, so here are some:

19" or 26", 32H or 36H.

Rims are eyeletted, do not have machined sidewall, and are completely new/unused/unbuilt. Black. $25US + shipping. Paypal preferred.

I understand that I’m new around here, but you can see the original thread on Some people have left positive feedback about me there.


Got a rim for this guy before, Fast shipping, sweet rim.

hhmm, does anyone know how these compare to KH rims or just how strong are they

The new KH rims are 47mm which is mostly good to reduce tire fold. Old KH rims are much the same as these, erm 42mm (from memory) and eyelitted. Joe Dyson (Team H) might argue that the KH rim is better, as he has destroyed more of the Alex rims than the KH but thats just because he is crazy.
They should all weigh much the same.

Alex rims are fuckin strong.

They have a tendency to get flat spots though, moreso than other rims for some reason, at least for the trials rim. I have heard alot of people getting them and I got a flat spot on mine before it just went caput. They are ok, and for the price they are great for someone switching to a 19" wheel, but I would still go with a nimbus or a KH rim instead.

The 26" rim is pretty sweet though, I might actualy pick up one.

you might get a rim you think is inferior to other rims… why?
we have a bunch of alex rims in my town and only one has ever had any problems and that was on an off center 9 stair landing with untight spokes and all it did was mess up the trueness of the rim. and most of the rest of them have been riden hard. and no problems from them

machined vs non-machined

I’m just getting up to speed on wheelbuilding… so my question may be a back-to-basics question.

what’s the implication of non-machined sidewall? Would a KH rim have a machined sidewall? What’s the difference between a machined and non-machined sidewall?


machined vs non machiened

Non machined sidewalls are very slightly stronger (thicker) and machined sidewalls have a nicer breaking surface.

Either way it will not make a huge difference

This is a Dx-32 with a machined sidewall, you can see the difference to the pictures posted above.

Torker DX has a machined sidewall DX32. Just for comparison.

a machined sidewall is better for braking. thats all.

OK, so a non-machined sidewall is slightly stronger/thicker and a machined sidewall is better for braking due to the smooth <machined> sidewall…

I take it that a non-machined sidewall can still be used for brakes, even though the sidewall may not be totally/perfectly smooth… right? I probably won’t ever need brakes, but I’d hate to have to relace a wheelset later just to save a few bucks today…

thanks for the info fellas…


yep…it certainly can. the machined sidewall is often there just for getting rid of any bump at the rim seam, so that if you’re biking along at 20 mph and grab the brake, it doesn’t go “thwump thwump thwump thwump thwump” as it hits the bump at the seam over and over. i don’t know if this is really a big problem for slower sports like unicycling and trials.

i originally got these without the machined sidewall because trials riders grind the braking surface of their rims anyways, so there didn’t seem to be much point in having it. in general the rims seem to have pretty smooth joints, but it is something that could be filed away if it became a problem.

hhmmm, these are sounding nice…

Yes unmachined sidewalls are fine for uni braking, all the Kh older rims are unmachined.

I have one of these on my bike, Very sick. I did a gap with very little air in my tire, and slamed into the very edge of the wall and the rim didnt flatspot or pop out of true.