Never thought we'd ever be talking about unicycling in my Physical Geology class...

I am taking an introduction Geo. class at college, since a class with a lab is a general ed requirement, and I’ve decided to minor in earth science.

The professor was showing the class of about 40 students, slides he has taken from around the country (usa) demonstrating different examples of rock formations. He pushed a button to change the slide and the next one was from atop a mountain (I think it was Mt. Whitney because he said the mountain was over 14,000ft tall) where two gentlement were sitting on flat boulders with their unicycles off to the side. Their unicycles weren’t laying flat. Everyone guessed what they were right away, and I could tell that one of them had an air seat, and possibly maguras, and they both were 24"x3" downhill uni’s. People began asking him about it, and he said that they hiked up the mountain, and he asked if anyone knew what they were going to do. I was sitting close to him and said, that they were going to ride down the mountain, which is called downhill mountain unicycling. He said he didn’t see them ride down, and didn’t know it was possible. I said, it is.

By this time the class had shifted their attention to the both of us. I told him that I rode a unicycle, but that I rode trials. Pointing to the tables at the front of the room, I said that I could jump onto a table, even 39 inches high. He said, “I think you’re full of bullsh*t.” I said that there was a national convention in Saline, Michigan this past summer, but better than that I have a video online on

He said, “Bring your unicycle in next class.” I’m going to bring it in on Monday to prove to him that I have a unicycle, and maybe do a little demo for the class. If everyone’s willing I’m going to bring in my copy of Defect and if time and the professor allow, show a couple examples of different kinds of unicycling.

It’s going to be a little nervewracking since there are no familiar faces in the class. But, I’ll jump at any chance to show the sport to people, because they are generally so open and receptive to learning about unicycling. There are a few ‘haters’ at the collegiate level, but most tend to think it’s cool, and get excited when learning about it.


dude thatll b awesome. tell how it goes.

I want a teacher how yours!!! oh and if you do the demo also we want pictures! :wink: :smiley:

Great!! Go for it !! Just don’t break any tables. :roll_eyes:
Leave us a follow-up report on Monday.

I did some trials on the big huge work benches in Manufacturing class.

Kids were telling me I suck and can’t ride it, so I mounted on top of a table, because I can’t hop that high… and jump from table to table.

After that they never doubted me again.

I wonder if that 14,000’ peak could have been White Mountain Peak in CA? A group of unicyclists went to the top of that one in 2002 or so. The following day, Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover rode Cokers 10,000’ downhill, on the surrounding roads. I missed the opportunity to be part of the group due to the flu! Still kicking myself as I was most of the way better…

Very cool to be invited to bring your unicycle to (a college) class. Rip some desks!

try to video it, even with a phone if necessary. THis would be a riot to see. Looking forward to it. Also … do a new thread with an identifying name so we look. I know I only go to a few threads over and over.

I think Kris discussed unicycling in his geology class on a regular basis.

Own him good, but try not to be too much of a smart ass:p

If Kris taught a Geology class at a school near me, I would take it for sure.

Just from listening to him speak in some of the videos I have seen him in, I bet he would make a great teacher.

That’s way cool! :smiley:

Show of your skills, way to make a first impression. :wink:
You’ll be known as “The unicycle guy” I’ll bet.

Yeah, tell us how it goes. We all are waiting anxiously to hear.

hop onto the desk…

pedal grab your professor’s face.

Thats pretty cool we talked about unicycles in my physics class when we were learning about friction of wheels. and the teacher didn’t think that unicycles had seats so i had to set him straight.:wink:

sweet… i ride my skools unicycle in gym…and sometimes around the skool…it really funny to see ppls reations. good luck w/ the demo.

I bet it was White Mountain. That sounds about right.

And, TO ALL: I have a head cold at the moment. Go figure! Good timing, right? We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but this weekend has been very unmotivated. We had such nice weather that I couldn’t get out and enjoy, too! Who knows, he may not even remember.