never sucked this a talent show.

(sorry for the long post, just read it its cool)

lol. ok well my ag. teacher told me about this talent show going on and wanted me to uni in it. so after school me (and 2 other guys) get like 10 pallets from the ag shop and begin to build me some trials stuff. It was the bomb i got to build a trials course in my cafeteria:D and i got to skip school and practice for 2 hours!:slight_smile: dude i was so excited. so then we load up the pallets and head over to mckinney boyd highschool. we take in the pallets and everyone is laughing at us like “what the hell are they doing with those?” so well i get all set up and im the first to go :angry: . so i go through my run and im doing my stuff to the song apache by the sugarhill gang. and well at the very end there is this 4 set at the end of the stage, i jump off it (not a roll hop cause i hadnt really looked at it before) also they never gave me any rules. so i jump off and go do the ride by thing and give a high five to all the judges. so we go up there to see who won and all the other contestants were fugly singers. and they all sucked. out of 4 i got 4th. im like “what the hell!?!” i didnt say that but i find out later that its illegal to jump off the stage. but remember they never gave me any rules and my ag teacher e-mailed them like 100 times asking for the rules. man sometimes it really sucks to be cool. but at the end of the day i got like 100 hugs from senior girls in highschool and half of them told me they loved me lol. also i got a 60% vote or something like that so i would have won. and i woulda gotten i think it was like $150 to. man i wanna shoot those judges. and the next mroning in athlectics all the guys lined up and gave me a highfive and stuff when i walked in. it was pretty cool

Sounds like you got the win that matters. :slight_smile:

haha yeah sounds like you got the best prize. forget the $150 hahaha although that would be a nice prize aswell.

Dam dude that sucks. lol you took that alot easier then I would have. If I lost $150 b/c they didn’t tell me the rules I would have probably made a big deal about it. Naw but it sounds like you had fun dude, should have called me up. I would be that really annoying fan who cheers rediculously loud and brings an airhorn and everytime you land a trick yell out really loudly,“WHAT!!?!?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!”

Just to be able to show them what you could do sounds like you won to me!!

yah bro. they didnt tell me like the saturday before the talent show. but in the end it was so fricken fun.

also i met this dude that told me when he smoke dope he writes in the book of cheba and it was about like phisics and stuff. he went to a mental institute and got out the day before and came to the show lol.

Lol, my school probably wouldn’t let me do a trials unicycle course becasue of the fear of lawsuits.

Sucks that you didn’t get the money, at least you had a fun time though…

hey, argue that you didn’t know the rules. That is really lame that they didn’t tell you, it is not your fault if they didn’t supply you the rules.

yah man. my ag teacher got REALLY pissed off and sent them some nasty letters. lol. man i really wanna take that fatties trophy back from her so bad. i got next year though.

You had a Moral victory xD :stuck_out_tongue:

Hells to the yea bro. I think my school has a talent show, but I don’t think they will let me set up some trials stuff… my principal is so up tight.

sucks bout the 150 but y still won the hearts of many:p :smiley: :wink:
im doing a talent show in march(if it doesnt get canceled.) i want to get some small trials-y stuff set up. but im prob mainly gunna do like street/flat stuff that ive been working on and ive got another friend who is AMAZING with a diabolo, and yet another friend who is gunns juggle for us. it should be fun

They wouldn’t let me Unicycle in the talent show :frowning:

Looking back, I wouldn’t want to though… Now kids call me a fag all because I unicycle. Wouldn’t have been worth it… I wouldn’t have gotten enough votes, because the other kids skateboarded (which was twice as lame, being that i was not allowed to unicycle) and were amazing singers…

Sounds like you had a lot of fun… You should have said something… You could have used that 150 dollars to get a lot more than hugs out of those senior gi- right… public forum. lol

Sorry you didn’t get the money, but thats a great accomplishment. You must’ve been pretty nervous at first.

haha i thought from the title that you rode really badly at a talent show :stuck_out_tongue:
oh well 150 would have been awesome and the judges are douches for taking rules so seriously for a talent show come on man.

yer that sucks. :angry:

i might be going in my school talent show but the teachers wont let me do trials :frowning:
im only aloud to juggle or do a small tight rope on my uni o well =/

I’ve been a performer for about 24 years. I’ve played drums in ceilidh bands, sung and played instruments at folk clubs, danced and been “front man” for our Morris dance team.

First rule, is, it’s not how clever you are, it’s how clever the audience thinks it is. You don’t just show them what you can do; you “sell” it to them as difficult, in terms they can understand.

If you’d idled for a bit, “accidentally” gone backwards, pretended to nearly fall off, and then done one tiny little stunt, with plenty of amusing “patter”, you might have won.

thanks guys. i really wasnt that nervous to start more excited. then when i got ou there it was really easy. also the guy that said he got harrassed for being a unicyclist, tell them to shut it or youll shank em. lol jking dont do that just ignore them, then when you have your uni with you ask them to do it. and when they ask how to get on tell them to put all their weight on the back pedal and lean forward really hard. if you have pedals with really narley pins, they go home crying;).

daaang man
thats a litle harsh.
tell them how to ride it, but tell them to put all their weight on the seat… and hold on to a pole…

If only Tommy Cooper had ridden a unicyle.

money comes and goes but the memory will last. rule book huggers can go do something that I shouldn’t type.