Never seen before trick/mount! Nat-Flick

A couple months ago i decided i wanted to make up a new trick. I thought of the max-whip (as i know many others had but, we are all uncapable for obvious reasons :roll_eyes: ) but this trick was the second thing that came to mind.

From what i have seen, i believe this is the first time to be done, as i have never seen it done, or even mentioned for that matter lol. I suppose like many other tricks for the first unicyclists to land, they get to throw their name in, so i suppose I can label this one the Nat-flick. (short for Nathaniel) unless of course someone else has past footage of this being done, I take it back and apologize :o

Well anyways, in terms of the mount (I apologize for the footage being sideways), it is kind of like a kick-up mount, but your feet switch positions in relation to the position of the unicycle, and is followed by a 180 varial. There are different ways of getting back on but i personally found this way the easiest.

Thanks for reading/watching!:smiley:

That looked really cool! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

First of all grats. really nice mount. and i really hope your name sticks.

now the controversial part - there arent “many” named tricks as far as i know. and even then many people frown upon the names (for eample i hear seat whip(or vertical seat whip if they feel they need to clarify) much often than max-whip) so i think that you may find that soon somebody will show you his new 180* kick-up mount that he just learned from youtube.

This is mainly related to the fact that it’s easy to remember the “building blocks” for your trick and then put them together than remember all names the supposed (we’ll never know for sure) inventors give them.

Haha I’m not entirely concerned with people remebering it as the Nat-Flick, rather than I’m glad I can bring something simple yet new into the community =) I suppose if we were to give it a “technical” name though, I was thinking inverted kick-up-180 thats my 2 cents though =P

That is totally awesome, man!


Or “cross up mount” since your feet are initially crossed.



i can’t really respond to this unless it was in the form of a poll

Lol XD