Never hurt this much to go to the bathroom

I drove up to Austin today to ride with AJ, Doug, Eric & Steve… it was a great ride, we got in over 13 miles and there are really great areas to ride up there! They have parks (many) and bike lanes… sweet…

I did have an interesting UPD less than half way through the ride though… we were making a pit stop and when I tried to ride up from the sidewalk to the grass, I think the wheel slipped and wham! I smacked me knee on the ground… and, of course, I left my knee pads in the car… so, there was quite a bit of blood… more from any other upd of mine before… but also, there was a lovely bump on it too… appears to have been liquid of some kind :slight_smile: AJ (at least I think it was him, I kinda concerned with my knee at the time!) took pictures of it, so maybe he’ll be kind enough to post them. My knee is looking pretty good now though.

Anyway, everyone was great… they were helpful with my knee… nice on the ride, etc… hopefully I’ll be able to do it again sometime… even though it’s 80 miles away… :angry:

I’m glad you got to do some Cokering with the Austin guys. Too bad about the knee owee, hope it isn’t serious. You can skip the pictures as far as I’m concerned, sounds gross. When will you learn that you have to actually wear the safety gear? Did you do any off-road on the Cokers while you were there?


for a moment, i thought a UPD gave you a STD.

i’m glad your knee is doing well.

i guess we should’ve used a.j.'s bathroom.


Yeah, I’m glad I did it too… It was a lot of fun. I’m trying to think of where I could get some riding like that done down here though. I don’t think my knee is serious; my other leg actually hurts a hell of a lot more because I was barely using my right leg after the UPD… hills really killed my left leg after that…

And yes, safety gear… I know… I was actually thinking you were going to be the first person to respond and that is what you would say :slight_smile: I’ll wear knee pads the next time I go up there!

We didn’t really do any real off-roading… plenty of very steep hills though… How is YOUR knee coming along?

There is sooo much I could say about that STD thing, that I think I’ll just leave it alone!

We didn’t have to use his bathroom though… I should have just been more careful.

Hey Matt,
I guess now you can join SAWUR (San Antonio’s Wounded Uni Riders)
We’ll have our first meeting to start our rehab in a few weeks:D :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re more than welcome to borrow my 661 4x4 knee/shin and elbow/forearm guards if you think that they won’t be too large:)
Hope your boo-boo heals up quickly!!!

I thought that club was restricted to those who are wounded enough to stop riding.

Matt, where are you riding tomorrow. I may be able to ride for a few hours before 3PM(in Austin)

Yeah Eric, you’re right. I’ll keep the membership restricted to Scott and myself:) Hopefully nobody else will meet the qualifications required to join :astonished:

Unfortunatley i broke my thumb about a month ago playing indoor soccer so I cant really ride either:(

Scott, that really sucks:(
Did they have to pin it? I shattered mine on Oct 15th. I have been in a cast since Halloween and don’t go back to the doctor until Nov 26th :angry:

That is probably best… that knee doesn’t hurt at all anymore… and it looks like it is going to heal very quickly–not very deep at all. Again, my left leg feels more wounded than my right because it was doing all the work!

Thanks for the invite, but I don’t think I’ll be able to blow that much time today… because I wasn’t able to work on my school stuff Sunday, I think I’ll have to dedicate all day today… but thank again!